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MRI Assistant Job Description

In today’s modern times, technology creates vast wonders everyday producing latest medical equipments and devices. One of the most common medical devices produced is the MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. In many hospital institutions, the need for MRI assistant plays a crucial role in the diagnostic department.

What is a MRI assistant?

The MRI assistant or also known as magnetic resonance imaging assistant aids in providing patient care and duties related in MRI hospital and clinic departments except doing an actual operation of the MRI machine.

Duties of MRI assistant

  • MRI assistants are responsible in various administrative tasks which include appointment scheduling, encoding results of magnetic resonance imaging into the database and communicate with family and patient.
  • A MRI assistant are also required to perform clinical duties like taking the medical history of patients, escorting clients onto the MRI or radiologic department and maintain proper positioning of patients into the MRI scanner.
  • The MRI assistants work and coordinate with the head of radiologic departments, MRI technologists as well as MRI radiologists.
  • The MRI assistant must possess a sound knowledge regarding all MRI procedures, safety-related issues and protocols in the radiologic department.
  • They should also be well-organized and have intense and good communication skills. MRI assistants should be knowledgeable on computer-related works as they are responsible in encoding MRI results.

Condition of Work

MRI assistants work in any long term facility with radiologic departments or hospitals with imaging areas and diagnostic imaging centers. Most MRI assistants are required to have the ability to do multi-tasking.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to enter a career as a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) assistant, a GED or high school diploma or any equivalent is beneficial.
  • Relevant courses in diagnostic procedures, medical terminology and clinical procedures are also required by some employers.
  • Obtaining a program as nursing attendant, medical assistant program or any clinical course in radiology program or technician program is usually preferred by employers. A CPR certification from the American Red Cross may be required in some employers.

Occupation and Progress

According to United States BLS ( Bureau of Labor and Statistics), job prospects for a MRI assistant will increase about 35% starting on year 2006 up to 2016 faster than the noted growth rate in some other occupations. The average annual wage for medical assistants including MRI assistant is about 28,390 according to U.S BLS.

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