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Personal Assistant Job Description

A career as personal assistants can be very rewarding. This position usually varies according to the field and the employer. Several business professionals hire assistant to make their work efficient and easy to handle. Below is the information to read on about the job description of a personal assistant.

What is a personal assistant?

Personal assistant or PAs are sometimes known as a personal or private secretary or an executive secretary. These persons work closely with their senior manager or staff director in order to provide some administrative supports which are usually a one on one basis. Personal assistants help their managers in using their time by doing both administrative and secretarial tasks.

Duties of a personal assistant

  • Personal assistants are mostly expected to do different administrative task such as answering telephones and emails, filing records, setting-up itineraries for their employer when traveling or those guests coming to visit their company and arranging relevant meetings. Oftentimes, clerical jobs are delegated to those personal assistants with less work experience.
  • Personal assistants with several years of relevant work experience are required to help their employers in preparing memos, presentations and reports. They are also asked to conduct some research works, train and supervise other members or personnel.
  • The personal assistants are also responsible in doing many managerial task like meeting with several persons outside of their company such as vendors or customers and ordering essential office supplies.
  • Personal assistants are also expected to use a wide variety of office equipments like computers, copiers and fax machines. Personal assistants also need to set-up some telephone and video conferences.

Condition of work

Personal assistants may also work with other assistants in the company, employer as well as representatives from other industries. Personal assistants are usually present in the office doing clerical duties and administrative tasks.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a personal assistant, a GED or high school diploma is usually the minimum requirement. Trainings for personal assistants range from obtaining a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. The training level also depends on the level of employees that are within their company.

Occupation and Progress

Job outlooks for personal assistants are about average. Personal assistants usually earn a median wage of about $40,000 per annum. The wage usually increases with the amount of experience and training the person has received.

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