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Hospitality Manager Job Description

The hospitality managers provide attendance service and hospitality in assuring the satisfaction of customers in different hospitality establishments like hotels.

The Primary Objectives of a Hospitality Manager:

  • The Hospitality Manager primary objective is to oversee the subordinates and their work.
  • The Hospitality Manager primary objective is deal with the complaints of the customers.
  • The Hospitality Manager primary objective is to improve the experience of the customers in that particular hospitality establishment.

The Hospitality Manager is the one to take charge in ensuring that the operations are run smoothly within the establishment like hotel.  The Hospitality Manager must ensure that the guests are comfortable and pleased with their stay.  This means that ensuring the rooms are always kept clean and have a comfortable atmosphere, the food is delicious and enjoyable, and the staffs are accommodating and helpful.

Although Hospitality Managers are mostly associated with hotels and motels, there are some that work in recreational campgrounds, RV parks, boardinghouses, youth hostels as well as inns.  In addition to that, the Hospitality Manager’s duties may differ from one setting to the next, and is dependent on the size of the facility.  With smaller facilities, Hospitality Manager oversees every aspect in running the facility.  With bigger facilities, there are several Hospitality Managers and each of them oversees just a single particular department.

The Hospitality Managers must be the tactful, diplomatic and calm in dealing with irritable customers. Hospitality Manager needs strong communication skills when they are dealing with staff members and customers. The usual daily tasks involve dealing with the complaints of the customer, managing the stock and inventory as well as hiring and training of new staffs. Hospitality Manager can be demanding especially when dealing with some hard to please customers.

The Hospitability Manager’s knowledge requirements

  • The Hospitality Manger must arrive early in order to set up the greeting table, sometimes banner, and ancillary material for customer’s arrival.
  • The Hospitality Manger must greet customers cheerfully.
  • The Hospitality Manger must respond to RSVP queries and verifies things.
  • The Hospitality Manger must maintain the list of all participants.
  • The Hospitality Manger must report hospitality-related topics at monthly administrative meetings.
  • The Hospitality Manger must have a very strong communication skill.
  • The Hospitality Manger must be able to address customer complaints
  • The Hospitality Manger must have the needed degree such as business, hotel, or hospitality management.

Degrees and Training to Become a Hospitality Manager

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