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Doorman Job Description

The doorman serves as an unarmed security personnel that secure and assist people in different settings like residential area, establishments, hotel or any retail business

The Primary Objectives of a Doorman:

  • The Doorman primary objective is to do gate and door security in the venue he works with.
  • The Doorman primary objective is to assist people by supporting them in various ways depending on the venue he works with.
  • The Doorman primary objective is to receive and do appropriate actions regarding complaints in the venue he works with.

The Doorman duties differ depending on the place or venue he works in. The Doorman in a residential or even hotel area, opens the doors, carries the customer’s or resident’s bags, receives the packages, greets the guests or residents and evaluates any individuals before permitting entry to the building. The Doorman in entertainment venue or simply any retail business or does crowd controlling and identification check of the patrons.

The Doorman also does more door related jobs. They also do variety of activities such as gate security, haling taxi, receiving packages and other works that involves assisting the residents, guests or patrons. The Doorman remains on their feet always, transmitting information to others, assisting people both in and out the building, and serving as the interface of the building with the general public.

The Doorman is devoting majority of his time and focus to securing the venue where he works, inspecting any people who are requesting to enter the venue’s premise, managing and recording the incoming packages, and employing regularly the venue’s video surveillance equipment to do more security work like watching out for suspicious movements or anything that is potential harmful to residents, guests or patrons.

The Doorman’s knowledge requirements

  • The Doorman must be capable of handling variety of serious responsibilities.
  • The Doorman must pass comprehensive background checks conducted by their employer.
  • The Doorman must have a clean criminal or police record.
  • The Doorman must have positive, friendly attitude that is capable of interacting well with the residents and guests.
  • The Doorman must have some maintenance experience for they may occasionally provide assistance to the staff of the venue.
  • The Doorman must devote their time and focus in securing the vicinity of the venue by inspecting people who wants to enter the venues premises.
  • The Doorman must have the ability to respond to any emergency situations.
  • The Doorman must be able to answer some basic questions about the vicinity or neighborhood and also wear a complete uniform.
  • The Doorman must stand on his feet for a very long period of time
  • The Doorman must be pleasing and patient enough while opening the doors repetitively and is capable of working outside whether in a cold, rainy or hot weather.

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