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Law Professor Job Description

It’s on law professors where great and commendable lawyers rise; their teachings and advises take part in making the most demandable advocates of all time. Law professors are formerly lawyers that chose the career of teaching and sharing their acquired knowledge to ever aspiring students that wants to become advocates of justice in the years to come. Being a law professor would not be that easy, there are many things to be accomplished, lots or work to do and completion of different paper works would be essential.


  • Giving advises and lectures/ assisting students
  • Legal research and producing books (related to law practice)
  • Making reports/exams/grades
  • Selecting references (for law courses)
  • Going to conferences/seminars are essential
  • Need to conduct classroom discussions
  • Creating academic papers
  • Responding to email messages
  • Preparing lectures
  • Readily prepares syllabus
  • Organizes course materials that would be used
  • Panels proposals for students
  • Appointing cases for students to be resolved
  • Accepts consulting services
  • Recording of important matters and keeping intact of research works
  • Participation in student activities

Educational Requirements:

  • Requires a doctorate degree in the practice of law
  • Must have at least 12 years of experience as a lawyer
  • Must complete a 4-year undergraduate course
  • Need to pass bar exams to get license

Other Skills Needed:

  • Good communication skills (either or written)
  • Must have analytical skills (for solving cases and for lectures as well)
  • Must be an observant (able to see things/detailed information)
  • Have skills in proper organization of letters or pictures
  • Application of the philosophical methods (inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning)
  • A good listener
  • Able to address specific claims
  • Managing time to comply all responsibilities
  • Able to strategize procedure that fit the situation
  • Can apply his/her skills in logic and reasoning
  • Able to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Can quickly provide alternative solutions
  • Can take immediate action before serious problems develop

Working Conditions:

Law professors can be mostly seen on college universities, where a lot of aspiring lawyers cruise and try their luck of becoming future lawyers. They have a regular working hour for them to assist and give their advices to students, and sometimes consultations to other clients in need.


Average salaries for law professors would be $140,608, benefits and other bonuses would be dependent on the firm or universities they are teaching.

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