Kitchen Designer Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 14, 2011

Kitchen is one of the important parts of a household. Most of the time, this is the messiest part at home because we use this area at home more often for our cooking, preparing meals, washing the dishes and family gathering for meal time. But with the help of a kitchen designer, you can make this area at home attractable and neat. Interested on how to become a kitchen designer? Here’s a nature of the job of a kitchen designer that you might want to be.

What is a Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen Designers are responsible for renovating and recreating the kitchen area and ensure that it meets the requirements of their clients. They ensure that designs in the kitchen are all convenient, well-designed and comfortable for the people who will use and live on it. They can design kitchens at home and even in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels and cafeterias.

Duties of a Kitchen Designer

  1. Kitchen Designers plan the functional aspects and the visual look of kitchen spaces for their clients.
  2. Kitchen Designers deal with deal clients first, discuss the detail of the project, draw the plan according to their client’s needs, prepare an estimated cost for the project, talk with architects, hire its own subcontractors, order the appliances and materials to be use and spearheaded the overall kitchen installation.
  3. Kitchen Designers plan for the whole aspect of the kitchen including the color, lighting, cabinets, floor coverings, appliances, work spaces and the whole kitchen layout.
  4. They illustrate their detailed plan either through hand drawings or design it with the use of software.
  5. They too should know how to read blueprints, building and fire codes and latest design and trend in the kitchen world.
  6. Kitchen Designers can either do both bathroom and kitchen designs in residential and commercial areas.
  7. They need also to develop sales and design solutions for their clients as well as capable of making strategic pricing and project management.

Work Condition of a Kitchen Designer

Working conditions of a kitchen designer varies. Some Kitchen Designers are employed by large companies or design firms who work in regular hours. There are designers also who work in a small designing firms or as a freelancer works either contractual or depending on a project. They adjust their time according to their client’s schedules and deadlines. For self-employed kitchen designers they prefer to work longer hours in a small area. They need to work under pressure in order to meet the deadline of their clients, stay updated with the budget and most of all satisfy their clients. For the self-employed they too need to look for new clients in order to meet steady income.

Educational Requirements of a Kitchen Designer

If you want to become a Kitchen Designer, you must have first a bachelor degree and Kitchen Design Certification. For people who want to pursue a career in Kitchen Design they need to consider interior design, home design, home decoration and interior decoration. Kitchen Design is a specialized field of interior designing and being a Kitchen Designer need to have a certification in addition to a degree in interior design. A person need to study first computer aided courses, design principles, plumbing and construction in order to receive a certification. They are required to have strong listening skills, knowledge on building codes, computer aided design experience and attention to detail skills to become a successful Kitchen Designer.

Occupation and Progress of a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designers can work on their own offices, studios or even on their client’s home. They can travel from one location such as exhibit shops or design centers. With the computer trend today, they too can form their own international design teams that are working on different locations and clients.

Kitchen Designers can earn an average annual income up to $40,000. This varies to their skills and experiences. They can easily find work in areas where there are a large number of houses and restaurants are situated. For a self-employed Kitchen Designers they earn consulting fee that is charged hourly too.

If you love designing particularly the kitchen area, then Kitchen Designer is the job that you might be looking for. Polish those skills that you have earn a degree and certification and start reinventing the kitchen spaces.

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