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Kinesiologist Job Description

Nowadays, the medical field has been a journey for so many people wanting to be a doctor or a nurse. These two careers have been very popular. They are primarily focused on curing sickness and healing the human body. But, have they been an expert to the analysis of the human body and its movements? Well, a new career has been taking over and this career focuses on how to improve the human body’s functions and work. Because of this, you may want to consider being a Kinesiologist.

Interested? Then let us continue.

What is a Kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is someone who studies and focuses on the human body, its functions and its movements. The kinesiologist uses these studies to look for ways that can improve the performance of the body part or the whole body. The kinesiologist also studies what body part works well with another and the intricacies involved in a human body.

Duties of a Kinesiologist

  • A kinesiologist is responsible for improving the performance levels of a client. They study the client’s body and they come up with programs that include the appropriate activities and sometimes diet of the client.
  • For clients who have movement disorders, kinesiologists should come up with a special program to fit the client’s state. The special program should be well studied so as not to complicate any disorder.
  • Kinesiologists have also the duty of ascertaining the fitness level of clients so as to give them the right fitness program.
  • Some kinesiologists also lead programs within an area to promote health and wellness. In these programs, kinesiologists advise people or inform them on how to improve their wellness by giving them knowledge about their body movements or body state and giving them advises on how to improve it.
  • A kinesiologist’s work does not limit itself from what is stated above. Some have other duties depending on their client’s request or their employer.

Work Condition of a Kinesiologist

  • Kinesiologists work in various working area depending on their assignments. If a kinesiologist is assigned to evaluate a client’s body movement and prepare and research the appropriate program, the kinesiologist works in a laboratory-like office and spends his or her time in front of a computer and other laboratory materials to determine the client’s program needs. If a kinesiologist is assigned to work with the clients exercise demonstrators and the likes, the kinesiologist will work in different places in sessions.
  • Kinesiologists should be physically fit and mentally educated in the field of kinesiology to be able to answer to the client’s needs and to adjust to the work conditions. Sometimes, these kinesiologists need to work with different equipment.

Educational Requirements of a Kinesiologist

  • If one wants to be a kinesiologist, he or she should meet the standard educational requirement: he or she should finish a course in Human Kinetics or Kinesiology.
  • Some employers however, do not specify a Human Kinetics or Kinesiology courses as their educational requirement. Some only require courses in Physical Education or any related field.

Occupation and Progress of a Kinesiologist

Kinesiologists work in their own clinics and sometimes in hospitals. They work with other professionals like trainers of athletes. They also often work with athletic teams and such to improve the performance of each individual.

The employment outlook for kinesiologists is positively increasing as the trend is changing and setting up in these kinds of fields. If one wants to be successful in such field, he or she should be hardworking and committed to the job. And if you want to reach your goals and dreams, start your journey by choosing this career.

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