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Lunchtime Supervisor Job Description

Can you still remember when you first enrolled in a primary school? Can you still remember the first classmates you mingled with, the first school you studied together, the first teachers who guided you all the way and who cannot forget the canteens, dining halls and the playgrounds where you first experienced the fun and adventure? Every corner of the school has its own set of people who are assigned in their respective positions. There is the head teacher, the teachers in every subject and the Lunchtime Supervisor.

I know you have already met your Lunchtime Supervisor, but you have no idea what he/she is called.

What is a Lunchtime Supervisor?

When classes end, that is the time a Lunchtime Supervisor works. Usually a Lunchtime Supervisor supervises pupils during lunch time. After class, the pupils have their lunch at the dining hall, and then the Lunchtime Supervisor will be the one responsible for these pupils during these times. They teach and make sure that the pupils are in good order and well disciplined while eating their lunch. Every day they monitor the pupils’ behavior. In the dining hall, playground areas, or in any school premises, they ensure safety, and during the mid-day break period, they also take charge.

Duties of a Lunchtime Supervisor

  • We usually see pupils have fun. After classes, they go directly to the hall ways, play grounds and other school areas to have fun. The Lunchtime Supervisor is responsible for making everything in order during these times.
  • Aligning the pupils in going inside and outside of the dining room is also one of their duties.
  • They maintain discipline in every pupil.
  • They make sure that the pupils will not suffer from any injury during these times.
  • When the pupils are playing, they maintain their safety. They are equipped with first aid just in case accidents occur.
  • When accidents really happen, and they cannot handle the situation, they are responsible for reporting it to the head teachers.
  • Most Lunchtime Supervisor deals with the misbehavior of pupils, and they are the ones correcting them.
  • In table manners, they are also the ones teaching the children the proper way to eat.
  • They organize the cleaning process inside the school for the safety and for the health of the pupils.

Work Condition of a Lunchtime Supervisor

  • A Lunchtime Supervisor usually works inside the school. It needs a person who has long patience in guiding and teaching the pupils.
  • A good Lunchtime Supervisor can adapt to situations. We all know that pupils ages 5-7 are really hard to manage. But, this is the true work of a Lunchtime Supervisor and that is leading them towards good manners and right conduct.
  • When it comes to making decisions a Lunchtime Supervisor must have a good judgment and a common sense in deciding and balancing decisions.
  • The ability to work independently must be possessed by a Lunchtime Supervisor.
  • Even if there are many pupils to handle, you need to manage and control the situations.

Educational Requirements of a Lunchtime Supervisor

You don’t need to accomplish a bachelor’s degree in order to be qualified as a Lunchtime Supervisor. But you must have the interest and experience in dealing and working with young people. It also requires a person who has the awareness about health and safety issues, and has the commitment to his/her job in promoting a safe place for their pupils.

Occupation and Progress of a Lunchtime Supervisor

This profession is really multitasking. They serve as the second parent of their pupils. Their main concern is to make sure that their pupils are properly trained from the beginning until the end in order for these pupils to be disciplined.

A Lunchtime Supervisor deals and mingles with a lot of pupils every day. Let every circumstances not be a barricade in their profession. Let this serve as their inspiration in working hard not just for themselves but for the pupils.

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