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Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing management is a subject that deals with practical business applications, marketing techniques and marketing resource management. One of the most important people that manage a marketing industry is a marketing manager.

What is a marketing manager?

Marketing manager is a person who influences the level and timing of customer demands in order to help in sales. Their actual job depends upon the environment and size of the corporate industry.

Duties of a marketing manager

  • Marketing managers are required to comprehend in detail all the sales, product and services that they have to market. After understanding the sales details, marketing managers are then tasked to perform a market research where they have to study their particular services and products produced.
  • Marketing managers should act on the strategies formed and execute them according to the research performed. In order to properly execute the marketing plan, it generally takes ample time in studying to make a precise execution. They coordinate and manage all advertising, marketing and promotional activities and staff and conduct research so as to determine the marketing requirements for their existing as well as future products.
  • Marketing managers analyze each up-to-date market conditions, customer research and their competitor’ information. They implement and develop marketing and plans projects for both new and existing services and products. They also manage the entire productivity of their marketing projects and plans.
  • A marketing manager is responsible in monitoring, reviewing and reporting all marketing results and activities as well as determining and managing their marketing budget. They also deliver appropriate marketing activities within the agreed budget, develop accurate strategies in pricing and serve as a liaison between the media and the advertising.

Conditions of work

Marketing managers work in either small or large business industries and require great competencies in order to perform their functions successfully in whatever marketing industries they are employed in.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a marketing manager, a degree in business or any other marketing-related degree or profession is essential. Some employers also prefer candidates with experience in maintaining and developing marketing strategies, skill s in technical marketing, prior experience in market research and customer research, knowledge on industry and relevant products and experience in relevant software applications.

Occupation and Progress

The demand for marketing managers nowadays is steadily rising with a prediction to grow by 12% until 2018, according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The wages for marketing managers are extremely lucrative with lots of incentives and benefits. Some industries offer extra wages on sales. The salaries for marketing managers range about $35,000 up to $85,000 in 2011.

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