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Mover Job Description

We are now living in the 21st century and society keeps on changing especially our lifestyle. Modernization is something constant in a nation which leads to the innovation of residences and business locations. The atmosphere of our house is affected due to these changes and we tend to adopt the latest trends of interior designs which are usually featured in lifestyle channels. Because of these activities, people are able to produce an important job that would help them perform this kind of activity. Since most people don’t have proper transportation properties and knowledge to perform this heavy task, the mover is hired in order to do the job.

What is a Mover?

Mover is a person who is responsible in evacuating the things that the client asks them to move. A mover must be good enough in calculating the size of vehicle to be used, in order to accommodate the items that will be moved. A mover also considers the dimension of the item as well as how it can fit inside the truck.

Duties of a Mover

  • Movers are the ones who manage the loading and unloading of furniture from the previous location to its new designated destination.
  • They are also responsible for assisting the client in moving the things in the area of relocation and placing these things to its appropriate places.
  • A Mover is also assigned to arrange the large items into the storage unit.
  • They also take inventories especially in moving the furniture to a long distant place and assure that there will be no defects and scratches in the load they are transporting.
  • Movers should also have the knowledge in determining what material they should use in wrapping the load to ensure its good condition.
  • Movers are also tasked in cleaning up the areas and assuring that everything has been delivered in the exact location.

Work Conditions of a Mover

In their day to day activities they spend more time in driving and riding their transportation vehicles. The weight of the items that they are moving weighs more than 55 kilograms and they must have the proper tools and equipment to lift the item. Mover must have a great lifting technique to avoid getting themselves injured and to prevent damaging the item. More often, they wear their proper uniform to insure safety in performing their job. Movers must be available during business hours from 9am to 5 pm at least twice a week; hours per week may vary depending on the demand of the clients.

Educational Requirements of a Mover

Being a mover doesn’t require a standard education but communication skills and analysis are more concerned to have this kind of job. The only requirement in this job is being physically fit to perform the task.

Occupation and Progress of a Mover

Most movers start as helpers which are usually employed during the summer season. Experienced movers may specialize in moving offices or installations. This job provides direct services to refuge families who need a comfortable place to call a home.

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