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NPI Engineer Job Description

When we go shopping, we make sure that we check the products we buy manually. We make sure the product is not expired before purchasing it and we assure ourselves for the quality it has. We check the expiration date, any damages, the materials being used or the company who sells that particular product. It is important to be observant and to be sensitive in every detail about the product we buy. It is also the same with the companies making products for us. This is the reason why every company assigns persons who are in charge of checking the products before sending them to different markets.

What do we call this profession? They are the NPI Engineer.

What is a NPI Engineer?

Before introducing new products, there are people responsible for checking these products. The quality and the advantage that the customer will gain if they purchase the product lie on this professional’s hands. These professionals are the NPI Engineers. NPI means New Product Introduction. Every company needs a NPI Engineer. They make sure that the company will give the highest quality and fast transaction to their target market. Before the product will be released, it must first undergo their inspection. This profession is very risky. His/her responsibility is really important. A company without a NPI Engineer can be unprogressive.

Duties of a NPI Engineer

  • Everyday a NPI Engineer deals with different kinds of products. The task of a NPI Engineer is to make sure that the products are safe and maintains its high quality for the customers.
  • Before the product is commercialized, they first analyze what the product must be or what will be its use for the customers.
  • After giving decisions, they evaluate the details like what will be the cause and the effect if they approve the product.
  • In making the products, they watch and observe the employees. They try to check if the employees are doing their job and if they are making the product correctly.
  • They give reports about the progress and behavior of the company’s product.
  • They are the ones communicating with the clients who are interested in selling their products. They make sure that they will give their full trust and will not back out.
  • Usually, a NPI Engineer leads with the NPI Technicians.
  • When there are problems regarding the products, the NPI Engineer is responsible for answering it.
  • They produce new products so that the customers will become more loyal to their products.
  • If they have returned or low quality products they are responsible for improving and making new ones.

Work Condition of a NPI Engineer

  • A NPI Engineer is usually found with the employees working on the product. Sometimes they are with the other staff members discussing how to improve their products.
  • NPI Engineer must be very attentive and must have focus on his/her work. The safety of the customers in using their product is their first concern.
  • A NPI Engineer must possess a strong leadership towards his/her members.
  • Also, he/she must have good and fast learning skills. Being able to catch up and solve problems directly.
  • A NPI Engineer must be good in communicating with other people. Everyday he/she deals with different clients, trying to convince them to trust their product.

Educational Requirements of a NPI Engineer

  • To be a NPI Engineer it requires being a graduate of any bachelor degree course. Courses related to analyzing problems and Engineering courses.
  • It also requires a person who has experience. Experience in the field of managing a company and its members. A 2-5 experience as a consultant or a NPI Engineer is a great advantage.

Occupation and Progress of a NPI Engineer

This profession is a multitasking job. It needs a person who has the determination to do his/her job in a correct and fast way. They make and guarantee that the products are properly made. The ability to take a risk when it comes to making decisions is a good advantage as well.

A NPI Engineer has the responsibility of making sure that the product given to the customers are high quality. A wrong decision or move has a big effect to the community especially to the company he/she works in. A good and progressive NPI Engineer must be persistent in his job.

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