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by Publishing Team on April 20, 2011

With the economic crisis nowadays people are on the lookout to get work. Even with their minimal experience and education, they can still be trained to do simple jobs that companies may be looking for to employ. These people usually seek the help of an agency to get them into the working sector. To do this, a job developer is needed.

What is a Job Developer?

A Job Developer is a professional who works for both public and private social service agencies in which he is obligated to create job opportunities for workers in his company by research, identification and solicitation of commitments from potential employment sources.

Duties of a Job Developer

  • It is the sole responsibility of a Job Developer to reach out to former and current corporate contacts and to seek out new corporate partners for job opportunities that they may be able to offer to the clients of the job developer’s company.
  • A Job Developer must be able to maintain and develop relationships with potential employers within the community utilizing a marketing strategy which was established by the manager.
  • A Job Developer conducts soft skills training for the clients both in group or individual approach. He teaches them how to enhance their interview skills, what corporate attire to wear and professional etiquette.
    It is the duty of a Job Developer to record and document all the trainings conducted and other reports needed to be filed including the progress of the client.
  • When a client has been placed in a job, it is the task of the Job Developer to check with the client and the employer. A Job Developer, acting as intermediary, assesses both the negative and positive feedback of both parties in a given period. If the employer is not satisfied with the work done by the client, the client will be asked to undergo further training before being sent to another job opportunity.

Work Condition of a Job Developer

A Job Developer often works in an office with lots of people to deal with. Hence, a Job Developer must have good communication skills both in oral and verbal. He typically works a 40 hour work week and may work more when the workload demands for it especially when there are many jobs needed to be filled. This job often deals with people, so a Job Developer must be able to work under pressure and can work with different types of personalities. A Job Developer may travel to the different companies employing the clients for the periodical assessment.

Educational Requirements of a Job Developer

A Job developer is usually not required to hold a bachelor’s degree. But a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Resource and other related courses is an advantage to those who want to land this job in bigger companies.

Some agencies and companies prefer bilingual applicants for this job particularly when clients are mostly immigrants. It is also needed that a Job Developer is proficient in basic computer applications like MS Office. It is imperative that a Job Developer passes drug screenings and criminal background.

Occupation and Progress of a Job Developer

There is an increasing demand for this type of job as a lot of people are seeking a job developer’s help to land a job. A job developer with more experience and knowledge in this kind of job can go further to become a manager or other higher positions that he is able to qualify for.

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