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Junior System Administrator Job Description

In today’s world we can see that there are great advances in technology, so almost all companies use computers in helping them organize their business. From time to time they need someone to check on their system to ensure that they are functioning properly to prevent delays in their work if ever problem comes up. It is the job of a Junior System Administrator to maintain a company’s computer system.

Read the job description and find out if this one is the right job for you.

What is a Junior System Administrator?

A Junior System Administrator is accountable for maintaining the computer system of a company, manage, install and upgrade the server of a company. They can also be held responsible for ensuring the restoration of data and securing data loss.

Duties of a Junior System Administrator

  • A Junior System Administrator is accountable for installing and supporting computer systems or servers of a company. They give end-user support, technical assistance on the different operating systems and resolve technical issues. They also offer remote support using the phone.
  • A Junior System Administrator provides the important hardware support for desktop computers, printers or laptops. They are tasked to configure hardware device, they test new software and design the composition of a network.
  • Junior System Administrator up-grades, troubleshoots and solve problems in a system. They test the operating system and networking software; design and configure such systems. They determine which part of a system is not functioning well and replace this part with a better quality component.
  • Junior System Administrator performs regular monitoring of a system to make sure there are no intrusions. They conduct research and suggest innovative advancements for system administration tasks.

Work Condition of a Junior System Administrator

  • The work of a Junior System Analyst can be physically demanding. They must be able to do vital functions. They can be required to sit for long periods of hours and be able to focus for extended hours on attending to the trouble and finding the solution of a system.
  • They must have no vision problems because they have to face screen of the computer most of the time. Junior System Administrator should be able to hear speech at a normal level. They usually work in an office setting. They may be required to work during evening and weekends but travel is not usual for them.

Educational Requirement of a Junior System Administrator

The basic educational requirement needed to become a Junior System Analyst is to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering. An aspirant should have a good background in science and in math. Other employer would prefer those who have basic knowledge in operating system.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior System Administrator

To be successful in this career as a Junior System Administrator to be familiar with the systems that are widely used. They can take related classes and attend trainings to enhance their skills to be on top. They should be aware of the advancement in technologies. According to industry experts, there is an increasing demand for Junior System Administrator in the coming years.

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