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Overnight Stocker Job Description

The climate of new global business demands round-the-clock performance from companies who desire to keep up with the current marketing competition. Services and goods should continuously flow 24-hours per day so as to meet the client’s need in distant time zone including local customers working on graveyard or swing shifts. This demands the need for an overnight stocker who is tasked in keeping the products available and shelves stocked at all times.

What is an overnight stocker?

The overnight stocker ensures that stores like supermarkets are fully stocked with products for their customer especially during working hours.

Duties of an overnight stocker

  • Overnight stockers are responsible in receiving materials into their store as well as preparing products to stock at shelves. Some stockers enter and code products into the inventory system of the store for inventory purposes. They also participate in their inventory warehouse, store shelves and stock rooms during overnight hours.
  • Stores with quick merchandise turnover during working hours require stockers to replenish the store shelves. They remove merchandise from their store shelves and change store display or replace new merchandise.
  • Overnight stockers also work behind the scenes so as to make sure that store shelves are filled with products for sale. They also make certain that the store is completely ready for business whenever the store will open.
  • Some employers may require their overnight stockers work with other staff in various departments and supervise the team. Becoming an overnight stocker carries a specific name like merchandise specialist. However, main duties for stockers are replenishing shelves and handling stocks. Overnight stockers track the stock status to make sure that the labels exactly reflect the current pricing, maintain the store’s proper upkeep and supervise other personnel who handles the goods.

Condition of work

Overnight stockers generally work between 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and may also work in long hours depending on their assigned tasks. Overnight stockers should be accurate in labeling and coding the merchandise.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an overnight stocker, a GED or high school diploma is mostly required by employers. Overnight stockers can progress to become inventory or management control positions in an organization. However, higher degree of education is necessary for promotions.

Occupation and Progress

According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average wage for overnight stockers is about $14,000 per annum. Other benefits and compensation factors like bonuses provide the opportunities for greater earnings.

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