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NGO Manager Job Description

There are widely available NGO’s today. But what are these anyway? Who manages them? NGO (Non-governmental organization) is a legal organization formed by persons that run it independently from any government institution. They are referred usually as civil society organizations that offer civic and social welfare projects. This is managed by a NGO manager under the policies set by the NGO board.

What is NGO Manager?

NGO Manager is the ones who interact with government officials and other policy bodies that can influence the whole organization. They also handle the funds that come from large and small businesses and other organizations, recruit volunteers, hire job applicants for any vacancies, form a partnership with other companies and write reports to their board officers.

Duties of a NGO Manager

NGO manager performs the following responsibilities but are not only limited to these:

  1. They plan strategies and implement the organization’s services and projects.
  2. They resolve problems, evaluate programs and approve the annual budget and report.
  3. They serve as a representative in the organization while attending charitable programs and other community services.
  4. They look for new companies that can be the source of their funds and offer administrative guide to their volunteers, assign their work and schedule.
  5. They document new policies, decision and fill in documents to create organizational charts and other archives.
  6. They participate and attend meetings with their sponsors and other government official.
  7. They possess a wide knowledge regarding the rules and policies of government agencies, tax and others.
  8. They review the financial transactions, reports and solve any problems along the way.

Work Condition of an NGO Manager

Being an NGO Manager, they are required to attend any meetings and participate in any teleconferences, NGO community and other networks. They work in their office but they too spend their time in the community, monitoring their projects and ensuring it that they are met. They are also seen most of the time in government offices talking with the government representatives.

Educational Requirements of a NGO Manager

It takes a lot of criteria for one to become a NGO Manager. They are required to possess some knowledge regarding the work as a NGO worker, understand the organizations/ policies and other issues, resolve any problem and can handle the responsibility in carrying out the tasks and roles of being a NGO Manager. And one more thing they have experience at least in community work and can represent well the organization in any other government agencies.

Occupation and Progress of a NGO Manager

As there are a growing need for any non-government organizations all over the world, thus the more need for NGO manager. The effectiveness of a NGO lies with its leaders who have the capacity to train, handle the projects and develop proper tools in governing the whole organization. Although most of their funds came from donors, being a manager are also well compensated from the hard work that they offer to the community and organization. This charitable and noble work is quite a worthy thing to do.

Being a NGO Manager entails a lot of responsibilities and duties but behind these hard work are the chance to help the community with other support from government and private organizations too.

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