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Human Rights Lawyer Job Description

If you are fond of watching news and reading newspapers every day, many people right now do not value the rights of others. They always engage in chaos and commotion which commonly lead to disparity and disunity. But behind these inhuman acts are lawyers who often mediate. They are what we call the human rights lawyers. Who are they? How and in what way do they function? Let us find out as we continue to read more information below.

Human Rights Lawyer Defined

Human rights lawyers are the ones who safeguard the well – being of individuals. This profession is very noble because they are responsible to protect the rights of humans regardless of race and culture. A lot of human rights lawyers are flexible because most often, they shift into a career in human activism or international law.

The main duty of a human rights lawyer is to investigate, assess, and defend those people under court case that involves torture and abuse. They often spend most of their time examining the evidences of a case, interviewing witnesses and clients, and studying local and international human rights laws. These lawyers are also promoting public awareness about the human rights laws through the media during times when they are defending their clients.

Qualifications of a Human Rights Lawyer

Those who aspire to become a human rights lawyer should enroll first in a law school in which he or she should focus on social justice or human rights law. The courses that an aspirant may take are child advocacy, gender justice, school desegregation, world poverty, human rights theory and history, immigration law and law of homelessness. Most of the law schools run law clinics to encourage students to practice their course and do their projects or cases. It would take about three years to finish the course. It would also be a plus if one will gain affiliation with a professional human rights organization for this will surely nurture the experience and heighten the credibility as a lawyer upon graduating.

In addition to the qualifications above, it is also required that an aspirant lawyer must possess the necessary skills needed in this profession. One should be excellent in communication skills as well as in writing capabilities because the job often interacts with the media, witnesses, and their clients. Moreover, aspirants should develop and hone their interviewing and investigations skills to perfection. They must also be capable to work as a part of the team in accomplishing draft legal documents, projects, and properly manage a case.

Employment Outlook and Salary

Being employed in this profession is quite tough since a lot of new law school graduates are competing with each other for a position. According to the U.S. Labor Statistics, the yearly median salary for lawyers is roughly around $60,000. However, a lawyer who is taking an entry – level position which includes human rights cases is earning a median annual salary of $41,000 way back in 2008.

If you choose to venture in this profession, you have to be fully prepared for the qualifications needed to become a human rights lawyer. Always keep in mind that by taking up this noble career, a lot of people will depend on you to give the right justice to the right people.

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