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Customer Service Job Description

A Customer Service representative is responsible for relations between the clients (customers) and the company representative.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Customer Service deals directly with customer’s face-to-face, internet or by telephone.
  • The Customer Service representative should respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner resolving any complaints or issues concerning service and/or product.
  • The Customer Service is responsible to verify customers and manage their accounts
  • The Customer Service can also be ask to help manage administration

The Customer Service representative for a company does a lot of work with the customers in a face-to-face confrontation. It is vital that you put forth the best face having good relations with the customer are important. The Customer Service needs good communication skills and the ability to resolve any conflicts or complaints that the customer might have in accordance to company policy. The old saying “the customer is always right”, Is not always true in this century. The Customer Service representative has to be able to determine what is really happening and how to resolve the issue keeping both the customer and the company happy.

The Customer Service representative processes orders, forms, applications and customer requests as part of the duties of his job. You must keep records of customer interactions and transaction in detail forms so that later there is no mistake as to what happen as the situation grows. You must also make sure that you can file a report so that it precise and to the point for everyone’s understanding. You are normally responsible for sales and the way transactions are handled. The Customer Service person represents the company so it is vital that you do this within a very good manner keeping everything recorded for future reference. The Customer Service representative is also responsible to communicate and coordinate with internal departments making arrangements for the customers to get their product in a timely manner. You also follow up on customer interactions so that you are able to make the transaction run smooth.

The Customer Service person will need a high school diploma, general education degree or equivalent in order to obtain this position. You need good knowledge of customer service principles and practices. You will need good knowledge of computer applications and should be able to do research online when necessary. You should have a good ability to type because you will be writing letters, memos and making reports. The Customer Service representative will need a good knowledge of administrative procedures and product knowledge. While the company is inclined to teach you about the product you are expected to be able to have your own skills when it comes to handling the client.

A Customer Service person needs good interpersonal skills in order to be able to deal with customers and company personnel. You need to have good communication skills both verbal and written in order to perform your duties. One of the things that a good Customer Service representative needs is good listening skills. Listening to the customer and trying to determine what his needs are is not always easy. That is why a good Customer Service person needs to be able to problem-solve. In order to problem-solve you need to be able to first analysis the situation and know what the problem is so that you can make a knowledgeable decision. A Customer Service person pays attention to detail in order to make accurate decisions that is good for both the customer and the company.

The Customer Service representative collects data keeping accurate records in order to place orders for customers when they need the product. Many customers rely on the Customer Service representative to keep them stocked with the product as they need the materials. That is why you need to be good with keeping track of sales and customer supplies. Normally you can do this by keep records on your computer that helps you check out each customer. Many Customer Service representatives find that since they are working with many different types of people they must have adaptability to different situations and events. Their stress tolerance level is high at times when you are dealing with so many different people in different situation. A good Customer Service representative is capable enough to handle all situations and still keep their stress level down to a bare minimum.

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