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Nutritionist Job Description

A great career option for people who are interested in both culinary and medical field is becoming a nutritionist. Read on for information regarding the job description of a nutritionist.

What is a nutritionist?

Nutritionists are professionals who study food consumption along with the significant nutritional value of the food that a person eats so as to promote a healthy diet. A nutritionist develops diets and meal plans in order to prevent and treat illnesses for their clients.

Duties of a nutritionist

  • Nutritionists deal with overweight and ill individuals who are aiming for a better health and a healthier lifestyle. They make a research on a wide variety of food or diets and develop appropriate plan based on the individual’s needs. At times, nutritionists may suggest diet with exercise regimens.
  • In large facilities, a nutritionist is in-charge in the food-service department and oversees the patient’s menus which may cover preparing or cooking meals, handling the staff in the kitchen and determining portions or diets specific with the patient’s current health status.
  • Private institutions usually employ nutritionists in order to supervise and manage health screenings, prepare exceptional diets for residents who desire weight loss, cholesterol concerns or diabetic concerns and provide individual and group nutritional counseling.
  • Nutritionists also teach on courses about health and healthy practices in eating.
  • Management and clinical nutritionists work in nursing homes, hospitals and mental or correctional facilities.
  • Community nutritionist work in public or private health clinics while consultant nutritionists run their own private practices or mostly contracted in a medical facility.

Conditions of Work

Nutritionists are employed in a wide variety of settings. Potential work settings may include restaurants, hospitals, military bases, nursing homes and schools.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a nutritionist, a bachelor’s degree in food service management, food and nutrition or any other related field is beneficial. A master’s degree in food management allows candidates gain better job opportunities and career advancement.
  • Requirements for licensing or certification may vary from state to state. However, many employers require candidates with license in order to practice as a nutritionist.

Occupation and Progress

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutritionists earn a median annual salary of about $50,590. Salaries for nutritionists may also differ depending on level of education gained, number of work experience, and size of the facility on which nutritionists is employed at.

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