Nursing Informatics Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 26, 2011

As technological advancement continues to grow, the need for nursing informatics is also crucial. This particular field in nursing chains the conventional abilities in nursing with proficiency in computer that makes various works efficient and effective.

What is a nursing informatics?

A Nursing informatics is a person who handles and connects nursing information and data in order to assist in better decision making regarding health care.

Duties of nursing informatics

  • The typical responsibility of a nursing informatics is about system implementation. Nursing informatics educates, prepare and provide technical assistance to the nursing staff especially when new computer system is being integrated with the workflow of healthcare.
  • Nurse informatics work in developing the technology system in healthcare by customizing great computer programs in order to attain suitable results within the health care setting.
  • Some nurse informatics serves as liaisons between information technology staffs or IT staffs and nursing.
  • Nurse informatics primarily works on computer systems which manage the nursing clinical information and documentation.
  • Other nursing informatics specialized with voice communications that are utilized in telehealth, telemedicine and telemonitoring. These particular programs allow medical care and information to be passed on at a distance so as to improve nursing care in various areas that lack healthcare resources.

Conditions of work

Most nursing informatics are employed in the hospital while some works in healthcare corporations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, medical equipment manufacturers, governments, home healthcare agencies, insurance companies, HMOs, universities and military agencies. Nurse informatics may also work in public agencies and any other health care settings.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a nursing informatics, a degree in nursing and a sound knowledge in information technology or IT is essential to get the job. According to the AMNA or the American Nurses Association, nursing informatics integrates computer science, nursing science along with information science in order to communicate and manage information, data, wisdom and knowledge in a nursing practice.

Occupation and Progress

  • According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the nursing informatics usually earns an average salary of about $83,675 per annum. A nurse informatics supervisor earns an average wage of $93,500 per annum.
  • Entering a field in nursing informatics provides candidates the great opportunity for career development and career advancement. With advance education, nursing informatics can ladder up and prepare for a career as an IT training manager, informatics coordinator, nursing informatics officer, chief information and IT nursing advocate.

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