Nail Technician Job Description

Nail technicians are responsible for beautifying, shaping and treating damaged nails. They are the skillful individuals that offer services in nails, massage treatments, hand and foot spa and many others. The demand for nails technicians has been increasing, as of today that people are concerned in achieving attractive and clean nails, much as the relaxed feeling of massage and hand and foot spa.

Duties of Nail Technicians:

  • Manicure and pedicure of nails
  • Offering their clients hand and foot massage
  • Providing professional services such as nail treatments
  • Satisfying customers with their nail service rendered
  • Cleaning and shaping nails
  • Restoring healthy nails (others may use chemicals to prevent the easy breakage of nails)
  • Must attend regular staff meetings and trainings
  • Must orient their clients on what is going on or what are they going to do
  • Sanitizing equipments (as required by other salons to prevent widespread of bacteria)
  • Must understand all products and services offered by the spa or salon (for newbie’s)
  • Removing dead skins on customer’s nails
  • Assisting in other operations of the spa
  • Can practice daily routines on a regular basis

Tools that Nail technicians Use:

  • Nail pile
  • Nail cutter
  • Nail polish (of different colours)
  • Nippers
  • Nail polish remover
  • Small brushes
  • Fingernail clipper

Educational Requirements:

  • must complete a course in cosmetology
  • certification and experience
  • must have license (required in almost all states)
  • must be at least 16 years of age
  • high school diploma or GED (General Education Development)
  • training (usually 200 to 500 hours)

Other skills needed:

  • Fast learner (can work with little supervision)
  • Must have good communication skills ( helpful in dealing with customers’ needs)
  • Speaks and writes well


Salaries of nail technicians may be dependent on various factors. Experience, type of facilities and the location of their spa or salon. Nail technicians with longer years of experience gets the higher hourly rate. Normally, a newbie receives $10 per hour, while some that work on smaller spas may earn less. In almost all cases, nail technicians are not given benefits. Others, who worked on luxury spas may gain more and have great benefits such as trips and healthcare insurances.

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