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Newspaper Editor Job Description

Are you reading newspapers everyday to keep updated with the happenings all over the world? Did you ever wonder where that news came to be and who did it all? You might need to appreciate the ob of a newspaper editor because they do it all for you so that they can give you the daily news. Here is the nature of work of a newspaper editor that you might want to know.

What is Newspaper Editor?

Newspaper editors determine the content of the newspaper that they publish. They decide which stories are worthy to be read and assign reporters to their different news assignment. Newspaper editor usually makes to types of news, the hard news and the soft news. The editor also decides what stories are important and mark it as headline news or where it should appear in the paper. There are newspaper editor also that handles news coverage either local or international. And some editors are also assigned to manage how the overall layout of the newspaper will look.

Duties of a Newspaper Editor

Newspaper Editor performs a lot of functions to come up with a newsworthy paper and these are:

  1. They determine what the content of the newspaper that is produce on a daily or weekly basis. They evaluate what news to be assigned on different areas.
  2. They decide what stories will be needed for the article and dispatch a writer to write the story and submit it to the editor for approval.
  3. They also layout and determine the article place in the paper. If the stories will be a great interest to the readers it is place by the editor on the front page.
  4. They also determine what pictures will accompany the articles and assign the photographer for it. They will then evaluate the photos to be place in the paper.
  5. They manage the overall production of a newspaper. They supervise the editorial work and have a final say on the newspaper. They also schedule and assign the work schedule of their reporters.
  6. Other duties that they can do includes assisting writers in writing headline news and can even write articles too if they want too.

Work Condition of a Newspaper Editor

Newspaper Editor works as well as the news reporter or writer is quite a tough job. It requires long hours of work and at times can be done on an irregular schedule because nobody can predict when a big story will will happen. It needs to cope up with the pressure and stress because there is always a deadline to be done and new edition will come out on a daily or weekly basis.

Educational Requirements of a Newspaper Editor

If you want to become a newspaper editor then you can take some high school courses relating to writing, political science, history and economics. Getting science courses is also necessary. They are required to take a degree in journalism and liberal arts. Others even take master’s degree if they want to have this kind of career. They can even get on hand experience and training by joining high school or college newspaper organization and work as part time reporter in local paper.

Occupation and Progress of a Newspaper Editor

Newspaper Editor can advance their career in a lot of ways. Some who works on smaller organizations can work on larger firms. Others can become managing editor and can head special areas in the paper organization such as sports or feature department. There are even editors who can start and make their own newspaper organization. There will be more future newspaper companies but the competition is tight these days because of online news sites too that are competing the local market. There are other newspaper company too that merges with other paper chains. The competition is quite tough but the main thing here is that you should have the talent and skills to advance your career as newspaper editor.

The next time you read your daily newspaper, you should be grateful for the talented and skillful newspaper editor that made the news. This entails not only their profession but time to give you the newsworthy that you deserve everyday.

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