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Kindergarten Assistant Job Description

In contemporary society, many schools are looking for a kindergarten assistant. These individuals play an important role with school teachers in providing instructions, preparing study materials as well as monitoring students.

What is a kindergarten Assistant?

Kindergarten assistants are present in a kindergarten classroom. They help in instructing individuals and groups of students to help maintain and keep the kindergarten classroom clean and running smoothly.

Duties of a kindergarten assistant

  • Kindergarten assistants help in organizing student’s supplies and materials. They make sure that everything is in proper place and is readily accessible. They also maintain a clean and orderly classroom by helping students in cleaning up equipments every after activity and making sure that there is no accident hazards present in the classroom.
  • Kindergarten assistants are responsible in making photocopies for the classroom adviser, submitting materials, making certain that supplies are available for various lessons, keeping an accurate record inventory of books and school supplies and replace any damaged things as needed. They pay particular attention to classroom supplies and make sure that equipments are functional.
  • Kindergarten assistants are tasked to supervise students at leisure time like lunch time and recess. They greet students whenever they arrive in school and make certain that students are safe inside the bus during dismissal. It is the job of a kindergarten assistant to accompany the students whenever they leave the room.

Condition of Work of a kindergarten assistant

Most of the teacher assistants work in a classroom for some specific time of the day with the head teacher. Kindergarten assistants can work on either part time or full time and may travel on different classrooms throughout the working period.

Educational Requirements of a kindergarten assistant

  • Kindergarten assistants are required to have innate passion in dealing with children from 4 to 6 years of age and have related working experience with the particular age group.
  • They should know how to do multitasking and should be flexible as working with kindergartner’s age group is often challenging and unpredictable.

Occupation and Progress of a kindergarten assistant

Many schools in various states employ a teacher assistant. Kindergarten assistants should have the ability to do a lot of similar things as teacher do like computing grade papers and planning without the head teacher’s workload. They should also follow a specific school calendar to make their work coordinated and well-organized. The particular job is ideal for individuals who know how to handle school-age children.

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