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Machine Operator Job Description

In today’s modern world, many of the different household materials are made by machines from oven knobs, keys on the computer to the different hardware and nuts that hold everything in place. However, machines do not run all by themselves. In order for the machine to effectively run, it is essential to hire machine operators.

What is a machine operator?

A machine operator plays a crucial role in order to produce of millions of factory and consumer goods. Machine operators are in charge on the safety and effective use of various manufacturing elements like lathes, grinders and milling machines. Their specific work is a big factor in creating quality consumer goods.

Duties of a machine operator

  • There are 2 known types of machine operators and these are the tenders and settlers.
  • The setters are responsible in preparing the factory machine for efficient operation by ensuring the use of appropriate tools and making certain that the tools used are functional.
  • Tenders are responsible in running and monitoring the factory machine while it is operating. They inspect and monitor machines in a regular basis during the entire shift and adjust the speed of the machine as well as loading it with materials. They also promote quality control through comparison of produced products. If a factory machine is making slight or minor error, it should be immediately corrected.
  • Machine operators are also categorized based on the specific machines they handle.

Conditions of Work

Machine operators work in a factory wherein large productions of good are produced. They generally work about 40 hours a week. They also work in different shifts which include weekends, sometimes holidays and evenings. Working overtime is very common especially during periods of high and heavy production.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in college is not an essential requirement to become a machine operator. However, a good training from technical schools can be a big factor for quick employment. Candidates are also encouraged to have a prior work experience before applying for this particular job.

Occupation and Progress

Machine operators generally earn an estimated amount of $13 up to $20 per hour. The salary may vary depending on their location, manufacturing specialty and specific machines to be operated. Wage may also increase especially for overtime workers. Furthermore, it also depends on the shift. Night shift and weekend workers mostly earn higher pay.

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