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Facilities And Infrastructure Maintenance Manager Job Description

Facilities And Infrastructure Maintenance Managers are responsible for directing maintenance personnel involved in servicing electrical and mechanical problems arising from the operations of production equipment and machineries in compliance with company policies as well as state and federal regulations.

They develop preventive maintenance programs and take steps to make sure that objectives are met and maintained.

Nature of Work

Facilities and infrastructure maintenance managers make sure that the standards, policies, procedures and processes, as well as overall security policies are implemented. Their managerial duties include hiring and terminating personnel, including various aspects of managing. Maintenance managers are involved in the planning and development of the operating and capital budget. They review and approve purchase orders and vendor/contractor agreements. They are responsible for organizing and scheduling work according to work orders; estimating work-hour requirements; delegating work to maintenance personnel who are in charge of the maintenance of mechanical and electrical operations of the physical plant to make sure that all systems are in excellent working condition. They are responsible for maintaining contacts with vendors/contractors for the requisition of supplies and materials, keeping of accurate inventory, and making sure that all repair spare parts are always available by ordering their replenishment when needed. They recommend and plan for acquisition of new equipment in order to improve production or reduce cost.


Facilities and infrastructure maintenance managers should have a bachelor’s degree and have training in one or more technical trade. They should possess in-dept and extensive experience in financial planning and control, and budget management. Candidates for this position should have high level of knowledge of maintaining and repairing emergency power backup systems, and all electrical and mechanical production equipment. They should have proven ability and right temperament in crisis management, and strong communication and leadership skills to enable them to work across all departments.

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