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Organizational Development Manager Job Description

Organizational development is an effort in which an organization develops their capacity to be effective and efficient in its mission work and to sustain the organization for a long period of time. The main reason for organizational development is for its survival. Organization development can involve in organization’s processes, organizational reflection, system improvement, planning and self-analysis. It is vital for the organization to pursue development since it impacts the success of your business. Because of this, an industry organization hires an Organizational Development Manager. The Organizational Development Manager works in the organization for efficient and effective management.

Are you interested to be an Organizational Development Manager? Let’s tackle the nature of work of an Organizational Development Manager.

What is an Organizational Development Manager?

The Organizational Development Manager is an individual who manages design and implementation policies and procedures within the organization. He can impact success and survival in the organization. He is responsible for quality of management of the organization.

Duties of an Organizational Development Manager

The Organizational Development Manager has a range of responsibilities within the organization. Managers develop leadership techniques, system approaches, and manage change to create a good environment within the organization.

One of the responsibilities of an organizational development manager is to facilitate optimum utilization of resources. Several resources of the organization such as methods, machines, materials, money and people are use efficiently through effective management to accomplish desired results.

The leadership skills of an organizational development manager are very important in the organization. He is responsible for adaptability, employee satisfaction and retention, and employee development. He works in collaboration with the HR leaders to develop, design, and implement various learning programs. He also motivates personnel within the organization. He trains senior leaders and business managers to develop leadership skills.

Changes are inevitable in any organization. An organizational development manager must be dynamic in terms of management. He must be innovative in solving problems and in handling tasks and responsibilities. He performs team based interventions, business mapping culture, evaluation, and job analysis.

An Organizational Development Manager also manages organizations’ strategy and functional planning. He oversees day to day management within the organization.

Work Condition of an Organizational Development Manager

The organizational development manager often works in an office where he can work comfortably. He spends his time analyzing business structures, developing strategies, and creating reports. The work of an organization development manager is a highly competitive since he has great impact in the failure or the success in any organization.

Educational Requirements of an Organizational Development Manager

The minimum educational requirement of an organizational development manager is a bachelor’s degree from an accredit college or university with a major course in psychology, human resource, organizational management, or organizational development. An experience of quality management training and staff development with demonstrated competency is also required. A job related to organizational development is also considered in this position.

Occupation and Progress of an Organizational Development Manager

The job of the organizational development managers requires physical and emotional stamina. A manager must be able to relate to people well and must know how to handle difficult situations. To progress in this job, one must continue his education and training. The manager must keep on learning new management styles and acquire advance communication skills to be use in critical situations. The manager must also keep on acquiring trainings on how to have a quality management in the organization.

Believing in one self is an important brick in building a successful venture. Organization development managers help in the success of the organization. Do you have what it takes to be an organizational development manager? This might a good career for you.

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