Network Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 25, 2011

Having problems with your network connection? Who could you turn to and seek for assistance? Call your friendly network manager and he can handle all these issues easily. What does a network manager’s job is really all about?

What is Network Manager?

Network Manager oversees the management of the company’s networks including all the servers, cables, emails and security concerns. They make sure that the overall network connection is running smoothly. They too configure and customize the network for any problems and ensure that it meets the company’s needs. They handle both the hardware and software connection.

Duties of a Network Manager

A Network Manager performs the following tasks but these are not only limited to the following:

  1. They administer and maintain the web and database servers that are hosted primarily by the company.
  2. They configure and set-up new servers and other requirements needed by the system for the company’s network and for their external clients as well.
  3. Administers the company’s firewall as well as internal network security.
  4. Administers the company’s email servers and manages the email systems too for their clients in any domains.
  5. Maintain the company’s anti-spam and anti-virus applications needed to protect the whole network.
  6. Administers the DNS for other well-known domains across the network.
  7. Supports the internal employee system and other company’s system.

Work Condition of a Network Manager

Network Manager works in an office environment like any other computer professionals. They render their services eight hours per week. They too work with other computer professionals regarding network difficulties. Sometimes when they configure the network, they need to work longer hours for a shorter period of time. Aside from maintaining the network, they can also install and update software and troubleshoot network problems. Once the network connection experiences some problems, the network mangers must act quickly no matter what is the time in order to restore the network connection immediately. And moreover updating and maintaining the network can be done on an irregular schedule.

Educational Requirements of a Network Manager

To become a network manager, one must have knowledge in math, science, and computers. If you wish to further your career a college degree in any computer related field and engineering is somehow necessary. They need to familiarize their selves with network systems, Microsoft, Unix and others. They need to constantly upgrade their knowledge regarding computer and internet technology. Some companies require their managers to have training and certification regarding network management. And others are required to have experience in administering the network. Other qualifications of network manager include having logical thinking skills in setting up the network and diagnose for any problem. They need to meet the pressures and meet all the deadlines. And lastly they need to communicate with other users that have no or lesser technical skills also.

Occupation and Progress of a Network Manager

Network Managers can be promoted as network engineer and can also try other fields such as programming, operating systems and software engineering. Network managers are important in any medium and large firms that use computer networks thus there will be an increasing demand of this job in the future. The employment rate of network manager will grow tremendously as technology continuously to expand and grow and in the future thus network manager career is also increasing.

As network technology is expanding today, more and more companies will need more network managers to configure the company’s networks. This is something that you should consider to if you want to pursue your skills in computer technology.

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