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Neonatal Nurse Job Description

In every job there are things to consider like the place, the facilities and the professionals. When we talk about professionals they are the one who are expert in their field. In a hospital, it consists of a doctor, nurses and others. A doctor cannot do the job itself. He/she needs somebody who can assist him/her in his/her work. Doctors are dealing with different kinds of patients whether it may be old, young, pregnant and babies. The person who is expert on the field where baby’s health is involved is what we call a Neonatal Nurse.

What is a Neonatal Nurse?

There are people who really love to take care of babies or infants. Some find it irritating but some find it fun and challenging. These are the Neonatal Nurse. If you love babies or infants this profession is what you are looking. There are three levels of a Neonatal Nurse. The fist level is the one responsible for taking care of the babies after childbirth. The second level is responsible to minister the babies which are born with problems or premature. Lastly, the third one is responsible for the babies who have problems where the two levels cannot solve.

Duties of a Neonatal Nurse

  • Naturally a Neonatal Nurse is responsible for taking care of infant’s or baby’s health.
  • They also have their research in curing problems of baby patients.
  • They assist surgeons in any operation.
  • After the mother gives birth. The babies are the responsibility of a Neonatal Nurse. They secure and check that the babies are healthy. If in case the baby has problems, they are also in charge of taking care of it.
  • They keep and search accurate and detailed records.
  • They assist in giving babies food or breast feeding.
  • They assure that the babies are checked every time.

Work Condition of a Neonatal Nurse

  • Usually, a Neonatal Nurse works inside the hospitals or clinics. A Neonatal Nurse should stay long in the hospital or clinic they are assigned because maybe an emergency will happen.
  • They must have patience on their patients especially they are dealing with babies and it is not easy to take care of babies.
  • A Neonatal Nurse must be healthy. It is important as a Neonatal Nurse because there is a possibility that the baby might get sick because of you.
  • Must have good communication skills towards your work and patients. This is required for every Neonatal Nurse.
  • Must also have sensitivity. Being able to respond directly if something wrong happens to the patients.
  • Neonatal Nurse must be able to communicate in writing or orally.

Educational Requirements of a Neonatal Nurse

  • To be a Neonatal Nurse you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Courses related to sciences. Like biology, chemistry, human anatomy and others.
  • Must have one year experience in Neonatal ICU. This is one of the requirements to become a Neonatal Nurse.
  • You must have a certificate to signify that you really are a Neonatal Nurse graduate.

Occupation and Progress of a Neonatal Nurse

This profession is really risky. You deal with infants and babies. This kind of job needs a person to have the passion of taking care of babies. You are responsible for the health of babies. Without a Neonatal Nurse maybe few babies will have the opportunity to live in this world.

A Neonatal Nurse must know how to prioritize especially when it comes to the baby’s health. The baby’s future depends on your attitude being a Neonatal Nurse.

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