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IT Technician Job Description

Nowadays, computers play a very big role in our society. From our school projects to our work, we almost need computers every time we do such things. The trend on using computers is increasing fast and because of this, you may want to consider being an IT Technician.

Interested? Then, let’s talk about more on the nature of work of an IT Technician.

What is an IT Technician?

An IT Technician is someone who maintains a computer and its networks. They identify problems and they look for ways to resolve them. They also install or eliminate hardware, software and other programs that can help on the improvement of the computer.

Duties of an IT Technician

  • An IT Technician is responsible for maintaining a computer, including its hardware and software, and its networks for the safety of the user.
  • An IT Technician regularly checks the computer’s hardware, software and network operating system for problems and fixes them immediately.
  • An IT Technician should also provide service to clients. This duty includes providing training and education to new users of the existing technology and its potential.
  • Sometimes, if an IT Technician is requested personally, he or she must provide training and support to the client.
  • An IT Technician is also responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of computers to provide and give maximum access to the users. This includes updating the programs and software, research potential services and programs and making recommendations on the purchase of the sources.

Work Condition of an IT Technician

IT Technicians usually work in a computer room or sometimes in an office. Sometimes, they are asked to work in their client’s room. IT Technicians often roam around computers to individually check and repair them. They also individually install software and hardware to each of the computers. IT Technicians are sometimes pressured with deadlines, especially if there’s a need to troubleshoot and to immediately repair the damage.

Educational Requirement of an IT Technician

  • If one aspires to become an IT Technician, he or she must bear a degree or a four-year study in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any related field. This ensures the candidate’s knowledge in the technology.
  • Some employers only require a diploma in high school but the candidate must have knowledge in the technology.

Occupation and Progress of an IT Technician

Most IT technicians work for companies, corporations, organizations and sometimes, on Internet Cafes. Some IT technicians prefer to work individually as they believe that they will progress easier if they have their own business. If one wants to progress in this job, he or she can and should build a larger practice on this field.

Since IT Technicians are found in companies of different sizes, the job opportunities on this field are quite many. Also, with the constant increase in the computer’s usage trend, there is a great expectation that this job will boost through the years. Always remember that if you want to reach the peak of success, always be hardworking and committed to your job. Start your journey to a brighter tomorrow by choosing this amazing career.

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