MST Therapist Job Description

Some teenagers may have experienced child abuse, neglected by his/her family, drug abuse and even psychiatric disorders. This is why they show negative behavior. Lack of parental guidance is mostly the reason why teenagers become so negative about their life and also show negative attitude towards the community. But there are MST therapists who focus on teenage life that guides these teenagers to the right and good path of life.

What is a MST Therapist?

MST (Multisystemic) Therapy is an intensive family-focused therapy treatment program for chronic and violent youth. Multisystemic Therapist is the one who helps increase the parenting skills of the parents or guardian of the adolescent and aims to change the behavior youth in our community. They focus in studying about child abuse and neglect (CAN), drug abuse and psychiatric disorders.

Duties of a MST Therapist

  • A MST therapist provides treatment in every family and other communities that is why they have the high rates of treatment compilation.
  • He/she helps every family to be close and more bonded so that their daughter/son will not grow with a negative attitude. Encouraging youth not to participate in any criminal behavior instead participate in those activities that can help them enhance their talents or abilities are also one of their tasks.
  • Helping youth to have high grades by supporting them in every school assignments or projects they have is also another one of their duties.
  • MST therapist goes to youth either in their school, homes or to the community.
  • Giving different kinds of therapies like the behavioral therapy, to eliminate those undesired behaviors of the youth, the cognitive-behavioral therapy is a talking therapy which it can help them solves their problems and also, the pragmatic family therapy. These therapies can help the family to achieve their treatment goal of guiding the youth to the right and good path.

Work Condition of a MST Therapist

  • A MST therapist usually works in a health center.
  • This person deals and communicates with other people. He/she should have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. This person should know how to encourage and inspire youth in their programs.
  • He/she should have a positive mind in everything he/she is doing and should have the patience and persistence in doing his/her job.
  • This person can create solutions for their problems easily and must also know how to take a risk. Making a wise decision is also a must.

Educational Requirements of a MST Therapist

MST therapist should acquire a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, social work, counseling or any course related to this field. Also, having an experience in healing serious antisocial behavior in teenagers/youth is a good advantage. This person should also have lots of knowledge in this kind of profession.

Occupation and Progress of a MST Therapist

This profession is a busy and tiring job. MST therapists are active, engaged in work, persistent and hard workers. They study different kinds of therapies for their work. They will face different sets of challenges in their lives and many duties as well.

To be a successful MST Therapist he/she should be persuasive and must have the guts to do the job. This is also a good course for parents to take to give them more knowledge on how to raise their child to the right path.

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