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Network Engineer Job Description

With the development of technology today, there is a now a separate department that is dedicated in the maintenance of the company’s computer systems to cater to various clients with the ever changing trends of the business sector. This department is becoming the backbone of the whole operation of a company, giving them the key responsibility of providing an effective and efficient way of running the business. One of the important roles in this Information Technology Department is the Network Engineer.

What is a Network Engineer?

A Network Engineer is an expert in the field of networking wherein his key responsibility is for the installation, maintenance, and support of the computer network communication set up in a company to which he is able to provide smooth company operation to maximize the performance of all employees.

Duties of a Network Engineer

  • A Network Engineer is responsible for the configuration and management of hardware and software needed for the computer network that is utilized in a company or organization which involves acquisition, maintenance and upgrading of such wares.
  • It is the duty of the Network Engineer to plan and support of network and computer infrastructural requirements and to perform troubleshooting of workstations, servers and other associated systems.
  • A Network Engineer must be able to document problems and solutions of the network system to be able to identify improvements for the upgrading of the system when needed.
  • It is the task of the Network Engineer to monitor the performance of the system and implement updating and tuning of the system. He must be able to manage user accounts, email, permissions, anti-virus and anti-spam.

Work Condition of a Network Engineer

A Network Engineer is placed in a well lit, clean and comfortable working environment to be able to execute his job well. He usually works a 40-hour week work but may extend work hours when maintenance and upgrading of computer systems are being implemented wherein a period of shifting schedules may be followed if necessary. He may also be called for troubleshooting when needed.

The work of a Network Engineer is interconnected with other positions in his department so he must have interpersonal skills and is a good team player to work with other employees within his department. He has great oral and written communication skills, can work well under pressure especially in times of technical problems as most companies depend on their computer system to get their specified job done.

Educational Requirements of a Network Engineer

In order for someone to land the job of Network Engineer, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic/Software Engineering or related field is the best education to acquire. Though a bachelor’s degree will suffice for some companies but will require significant experience.

Occupation and Progress of a Network Engineer

The demand for this position is above average as companies in any industry need the expertise of a network engineer. For a network engineer to progress from this position, experience is a must. He may move to a network analyst position within the IT department or create his own consultancy firm. Or he may move up to managerial positions of the company that he may be qualified for. It is important to note that to move to these higher positions, extensive experience and additional education such as a master’s degree in Information Systems or Networking are needed.

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