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Flight Instructor Job Description

If you are a pilot or an aspiring one and you want to venture into other branches of aviation such as teaching, then becoming a Flight Instructor can be interesting to you. It is rewarding to become an inspiration or a role model to aspirants who want to become successful in flying. It can also be fulfilling to know that the knowledge and skills a person can have will be through your efforts and works. If you are interested in becoming a Flight Instructor, you may find it helpful to read the information below.

What is a Flight Instructor?

A Flight Instructor is a person who teaches students how to fly aircrafts. A Flight Instructor is a commercial pilot that incorporates teaching into his or her profession. Privileges of a flight instructor can be different from country to country but in general, this instructor evaluates the knowledge and skills of students who wants to fly aircrafts, achieve a higher license or rating and make a profession out of flying.

Duties of a Flight Instructor

  • Provide satisfactory education and flying instructions to aspiring students.
  • Provide training to students for flying aircrafts.
  • Evaluate students knowledge and skills and develop student’s weakness to strengths.
  • Teach students up to date techniques and concepts.
  • Ensure the safety of students when using aircrafts by having regular inspections of aircrafts, checking weather reports, matching the level of competence of students to complex training and instructions.
  • Ensure that the standard of learning and performance of students are effective.
  • Maintain competence in flying at all times by continuing education, keeping up to date on the latest concepts and ensure proficiency in flying through training and practice.
  • Set practical test to students as well as endorsements and recommendations.

Work Condition of a Flight Instructor

  • Flight instructors are required to have a minimum of students to teach per year. That depends on the place one is working in. The performance of students in passing and obtaining a license will greatly affect the effectiveness of the instructor’s teaching. That is why there is a certain
    student passing rate or percentage that flight instructors and flight schools need to attain in order to maintain operations.
  • The work condition of a flight instructor for some may become a routine and their daily job makes them expert in the field of aviation. It is expected that flight instructors must be able to perform their job when faced with dangerous situations.

Educational Requirements of a Flight Instructor

  • In order to become a flight instructor you need to obtain a Commercial Pilot License and take the Certified Flight Instructor Course. But before obtaining the Commercial Pilot License and course, one is required to have the Private Pilot License first. The Private Pilot License is used for personal and leisure flights.
  • After obtaining the Private Pilot License one is required to obtain the instrument rating wherein one is trained to face air situations such as rainy, foggy or stormy conditions.
  • After obtaining the Private Pilot License and instrument rating, one can then take the exam for Commercial Pilot License. When one is successful in all the exams required to obtain the license, one can now go and take the Certified Flight Instructor Course to become a Flight Instructor.

Occupation and Progress of a Flight Instructor

  • A Flight Instructor can work in reputable flight schools where they can maximize the use of their learning and profession. While some enjoy doing this, others choose to set up their own little flight school and become private instructors.
  • Whatever paths one may choose in becoming an instructor, the important thing is he or she is fulfilled in his or her chosen field and be able to become effective instructors to ensure competence in students.

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