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Fleet Manager Job Description

People nowadays consider cars as a need. In connection to these, more vehicle-related companies are rising. These companies need a person that can manage and handle cars well. They need a person who is skilled at managing not only people, but also cars.

Are you one of these people? Are you the person they’re looking for? Then this is the job for you.

What is a Fleet Manager?

A fleet manager is an entity or person that manages a company’s fleet of vehicles. This includes cars, ships, taxi cabs, airplanes and much more. They are also in the authority to lead over other members on the duty to maintain these vehicles.

Duties of a Fleet Manager

  • A fleet manager has a duty of improving fleet administration standards and policies for vehicle operation.
  • A fleet manager is responsible on organization of the annual budget and also reports the cost of each operation and the overall cost.
  • Vehicles undergo repair and maintenance. Fleet managers have the authority over these actions.
  • Some vehicles are not allowed to be sold or used, so it is the duty of the fleet manager to dispose unwanted vehicles.
  • If the company needs more cars, motors or taxi cabs, the fleet manager is in charge of the purchase of these vehicles.
  • One of the duties of a fleet manager is to inform all other employees if there are any changes or improvement in the sector. They are in charge to update other employees so they will have knowledge on what is currently going on.

Work Condition of a Fleet Manager

  • Fleet managers work for companies or corporations. They work inside comfortable offices.
  • Fleet managers also spend time outside their office when they need to meet up clients or there is a need to check up the vehicles.

Educational Requirements of a Fleet Manager

  • Some companies require master’s degree in technical fields. Some companies only require bachelor’s degree.
  • Employers also prefer candidates with field experience. They also prefer candidates that have an experience in operating, maintaining and supervision of vehicles.

Occupation and Progress of a Fleet Manager

  • Fleet managers work for companies, usually large. If one wants to progress in this job, advance training and acquisition of field experience are the building blocks for this progression. If excellent work is shown, a fleet manager can be promoted to being manager of a larger fleet. A fleet manager can also be promoted to a director of an administration and sometimes, a vice president of the company.

Success on this job is for a person who is industrious, willing to undergo training and is committed to this job. There is an expectation that openings for this job will increase through 2014 and this means that this job is getting more and more popular. If you are willing to take the risk for a golden opportunity, then this job is for you. Always remember that those who are always securing themselves don’t get far from the shore. So, start navigating from the island and explore the world by taking on this career.

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