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Law Clerk Job Description

In today’s modern world, fair distribution of legal rights play a crucial role in protecting the rights of each human being. In a law office, one important person that assists judge and lawyers are the law clerks.

What is a law clerk?

Law clerks assist lawyers and judges by means of researching, legal analysis and preparing legal documents and files. Clerk in a law office provides assistance different types of administrative and legal matters to their Legal Services team. They create various draft opinions for the groundwork of the lawyers and judges. Their most common tasks are to make sure that the courtroom is ready as well as to provide general assistance.

Duties of a law clerk

  • A law clerk researches legal documents in order to support evidence in a particular case argument. They also prepare legal documents and other affidavits that are relevant to the correspondence.
  • Law clerks prepare drafts of briefs or motions, locate expert witnesses and perform interviews. They file motions and other administrative documents that are crucial in the court.
  • They also oversee deliveries of subpoenas to a great number of witnesses, arrange lodging and travels for witnesses if necessary as well as maintain an open communication with attorneys, judges, witnesses and any other persons related to the particular case.

Conditions of Work of a law clerk

  • Law clerks work in any legal departments, private law firms and in state, local or federal judicial offices.
  • Law clerks must acquire strong and harmonious verbal and written skills in communication, organizational, skills in time-management, ability to analyze and think critically, skills in problem-solving and decision-making, good ability to read and comprehend complex legal reports, documents and must acquire a strong persuasion skills.

Educational Requirements of a law clerk

  • Law clerks are typically law students or a fresh graduate in a law school who seek to obtain legal experience first before licensure application. There are also many law clerks that possess a paralegal or a degree in legal assistant.
  • Law clerks must acquire an appropriate knowledge and correct understanding of the law including both judicial and legal procedures. They must also be aware and familiar about legal jargon, various types of legal documents and rules and regulations of the court.

Occupation and Progress of a law clerk

  • Candidates who desire for an advanced study in law and accomplish a complete law clerkship often have significant future impacts with their job prospects.
  • Obtaining a career as a law clerk can lead a person to attain job security and quick employment rates.

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