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Naturalist Job Description

The environment is gift from our creator; taking care of it is our responsibility as a human being. Everything in this world undergoes processes, some needs to be though and some are just learned by our own research. Observing how a caterpillar turned into a wonderful butterfly for instance, can be learned with our curious mind. It’s a matter of exploring things and learning about them. There are individuals who naturally love nature and everything it contributes in us. Naturalist is a person who is well informed about nature and how significant the nature to us. Let us discuss further what a naturalist do.

What is a Naturalist?

A naturalist is an individual who is well informed about the nature that surrounds us. They do study and research about the nature and teaches other people, old, young, women, men, to appreciate nature. They are the ones who mediate between people and nature. They teach students on how to protect the nature and what is the importance of ecosystem and on how to sustain it.

Duties of a Naturalist

  • Naturalists are responsible in researching and developing lessons about nature from the forest and all living things on it, to the ocean and all creatures underneath. It is also the duty of the naturalists to help people appreciate the relationship between nature and human beings, how they are related with each other and how they affect each other.
  • A naturalist creates a lesson plan that also involves changes in the climate and weather patterns. They do research on changes in the climate and how it will affect the nature and the human beings.
  • A naturalist is expected to prepare a lesson plan or a presentation that will encourage individuals to care for the environment. Encouraging several individuals to be a nature lover is one of the great responsibilities of a naturalist.

Work conditions of Naturalist

  • Naturalists are expected to have a wide knowledge about nature. They can work as a teacher in universities and expected to impart important information about the essence of nature and how people can benefit from it.
  • They can also be a part of a particular organization that takes care of the nature. They are expected to assist in preparing programs about nature.

Educational requirements for Naturalists

It is necessary for a naturalist to have a degree in college specifically in the field of natural sciences such as geology, biology, ecology and horticulture. Those naturalists who wanted to work that have a relationship with social science should have studied history and geology. Naturalists are also required to have good communication skills and enjoy interacting with other individuals and giving lessons to different groups of individuals.

Occupation and Progress of a Naturalist

Naturalists who graduated with a degree in natural sciences will meet several opportunities to be a naturalist intern and will be given the chance to teach other naturalists. The positions will allow a naturalist to improve better and to be promoted in a much larger opportunity in forestry jobs.

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