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LPN Charge Nurse Job Description

Becoming a nurse is one of the most ideal ways to earn a good paying job and achieve job satisfaction. If you have an inner drive of taking good care of the sick, then becoming a LPN is something to consider. However, a lot of people are still unaware of the roles and responsibilities of LPNs. Below are the detailed job profile for you to read on.

What is an LPN charge nurse?

LPN charge nurses are health professionals who supervise other LPNs or licensed practical nurses, CNAs or certified nursing aides and other health care employees under their wings. LPN charge nurses are required to practice under the close supervision of a RN or registered nurse or the physician. In some cases wherein RNs are not present, LPNs should find ways in reaching the registered nurses by telephone especially when critical situation arises.

Duties of an LPN charge nurse

  1. The LPN (licensed practical nurse) charge nurses should make sure that there is an appropriate charting method done by other health care staff under their supervision.
  2. Charge nurses are also responsible with the daily, hourly, weekly and monthly assessment of other staff under their management that is pre-determined by the board of nursing in a particular state based on the medical facility’s protocols and other regulations implemented.
  3. LPN charge nurses can perform administration of medications, vital signs monitoring, implement safety protocols and charting.
  4. In medical facilities that have certified nursing aides in medication, LPN charge nurses can be tasked in the administration of medications which the nursing aides are not allowed to administer.
  5. In most health care settings, LPN charge nurses are responsible in administering various controlled medications and emergency drugs.

Condition of Work of an MBA

LPN charge nurse mostly work in a large health care facility, hospital or any long term facility. Some LPNs are also present in home health institutions. Becoming a LPN entails patience and good interpersonal skills as they mostly work in a team and deals with emotionally distress patients.

Educational Requirements of an MBA

In order to become a licensed practical nurse as charge nurse, you have to obtain proper LPN training in any accredited nursing school or vocational colleges. A background in nursing leadership is also a top notch.

Occupation and Progress of an MBA

A career as a LPN (licensed practical nurse) charge nurse will definitely lead you towards earning a good income and having a sense of fulfillment in nurturing other people in need. According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a nursing career as LPN will continue to increase until 2018.

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