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IV Admixture Technician Job Description

A lot of young people these days are now very much interested to work in hospital and other medical clinics. They are actually looking for profession which could help them fulfill their dreams to help other people. One of the most in demand profession today in the field of medicine is the IV Admixture Technician.

If you would like to consider this profession then you’d better read the details below.

What is an IV Admixture Technician?

An IV admixture technician’s main work is to obtain and fill prescription requests for patients. These prescription requests usually come from hospitals, doctors, even nurses or directly from the patient. Their main work is usually overseen by a certified pharmacist.

Duties of an IV Admixture Technician

  • An IV admixture technician is responsible for retrieving prescription orders from the hospital, clinics and doctors.
  • An IV admixture technician is responsible for measuring, counting, preparing and weighing tablets and other medications.
  • He is also responsible for mixing all the necessary medications especially those in granules form.
  • He is in charge in choosing for the proper container and packages of medicines.
  • An IV admixture technician is in charge in creating prescription label for each appropriate bottles and boxes.
  • An IV admixture technician is responsible in preparing insurance claim forms as well as in answering phone calls to take advance medicine orders from hospitals, clinics, doctors and even from patients.
  • An IV admixture technician is also responsible for taking all the inventory preparation such as papers and records of over-the-counter-medications.

Work Condition of an IV Admixture Technician

  • An IV Admixture Technician actually works in clean and sanitized environments and normally spends much of his time on his feet. He typically works in hospitals, clinics, medical stores, health and personal care stores, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retail or mail order pharmacies.
  • An IV Admixture Technician can actually work part time or full time work. This depends on where he will work and sometimes required evening as well as weekend working hours.
  • He usually works together with a team or work group.

Educational Requirements of an IV Admixture Technician

Here are the general requirements for those who wish to apply on this profession: First, an applicant must have taken the six months to two year class on medical knowledge, pharmaceuticals, and customer service. Second, he must take an exam from either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT).

Occupation and Progress of an IV Admixture Technician

  • An IV admixture technician usually works in hospitals, clinics and other medical field environment with the usual eight working hours. This sometimes depends on where he is employed. If an IV technician is working in hospitals, hospice and other 24 hour medical centers then it is expected that will work for more than eight hours every day and even during weekends as well as evening shift.
  • An IV admixture technician can either choose to work part time or full time depending on his needs.

The key to success is simply to love your choice of profession. No matter how simple or grand this may be, you have to work hard and persevere in order to gain the success you want. And since the demand for IV Admixture Technician is increasing, taking this kind of profession will surely help you reach the pinnacle of success in no time.

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