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Aeronautical Engineer Job Description

Airplanes soar up in the sky and we never questioned who ever flied them. But have we ever asked ourselves or even putting in the effort of finding out who maintains these modern day man driven birds? The simple answer is, they are overseen by aeronautical engineers.

What is an Aeronautical Engineer?

An aeronautical engineer performs scientific studies and applies technological principles to improve existing design of aircrafts and its systems. Constant research is performed to develop new designs on how to further enhance aircraft capabilities. They also specialize in developing missiles, military aircrafts satellites and space vehicles.

Duties of an Aeronautical Engineer

Creates aircraft components and equipment based on scientific findings as well as technological principles. Constantly researches on design specifications to improve flight performance of aircrafts.

Supervises manufacturing and assembly and any modification done on components used.

Takes part in flight tests to measure factors that concerns the overall flight experience. This includes measuring capability to maneuver, capacity to land and rate of climb.

Provides maintenance to the aircraft by means of inspection and servicing. Additionally, performs different types of research to improve safety features and minimize fuel consumption and reducing the negative effects in the environment.

Communicates with different teams and other professionals within the industry to present and receive data to agree with budgets and other specifications.

Work Condition of an Aeronautical Engineer

Noisy airfields and manufacturing plants is a typical scenario for a person aspiring as an aeronautical engineer. But an office setting can be looked forward to. This ultimately depends on the nature of the project involved.

An aeronautical engineer should expect a full time 40 hour week going on overtime as necessary. Expect to meet deadlines that could add to the pressure in doing the job within the prescribed hour.

Educational Requirements of an Aeronautical Engineer

A candidate should be at least a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering. Typical curriculum includes basic sciences in the field of Physics and Chemistry as well as an introduction to engineering.

Most employers require that an engineer should be licensed or what is commonly called as a registered engineer. This will include graduating from an engineering school and passing the examination.

Occupation and Progress of an Aeronautical Engineer

Currently there is an estimated 56,000 aeronautical engineers. Most candidates work on commercial aircrafts. Others have an option to find jobs that are defense related since there is an almost never ending need to improve aircraft used for homeland security.

There may be a slow growth for this field but it pays handsomely. Entry level engineers can expect at least $40,000 a year while those who have management positions can get as much as $90,000.

Aeronautical engineers are considered to be smart, passionate and analytical thinkers, which is why you’ll never have to wonder who develops and maintain modern flying machines. If you get into this field, you are guaranteed in getting a rewarding career. Your contributions will be very beneficial to the public, so grab the chance to make peoples feet off the ground and keep them on air.

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