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Aerobics Instructor Job Description

Have you ever been into a gym and attended an aerobics class? If you want to burn those fats or gain some weight, surely you have enrolled yourself before. This is where aerobics instructors play a very significant role in shaping up your figure. Well, like any other professions, an aerobics instructor needs to conform to several requirements. Let us tackle the details of those requirements below.

Nature of Work

  • An aerobics instructor is the one who leads and gives instructions to individuals or groups who want to keep their body lean or lose some weight. This is done through a set of various exercise activities. They may also work on an individual basis or what we call as one-on-one session in which they give direction, insight, and motivation to the workout routines.
  • Aerobics instructors are required and expected to have a good insight into exercise and what makes up an effective routine.
  • Usually, the work is focused on cardiovascular exercises and activities. In order for them to function well as aerobics instructors, they should be in great shape and have a strong stamina to sustain their class.
  • Most of the aerobics instructors offer classes at different fitness levels but they are mainly focused on aerobic exercise.

Educational and Training Requirements

  • A lot of facilities and fitness centers encourage aerobics instructors to obtain a bachelor’s degree and they should have a general knowledge, background, and understanding of physical health and exercise.
  • Aerobics instructors also need a certification as an important requirement for them to be employed. However, aerobics instructors sometimes lead a class without a certification. It is only needed though if you really want to pursue a lifelong path in this career. In addition to being certified, there are also instances that they are required to have a high school diploma and have registered in CPR (Cardio -Pulmonary Resuscitation). For you to have a certification, it is strongly required that you have a good understanding of fitness and exercise.

Work Place

In this career, the working place is usually in facilities like a gym and fitness centers. Aerobics instructors commonly work in a spacious gym where the music is loud enough, not to mention the chitchats of people. Though there are silent times, what you can hear during those times are people working out and the machines they are using which are the source of the noise. However, depending on the place, there are some facilities such as a community center is likely to be more silent which actually helps people to focus and concentrate in their routines. On the other hand, most fitness centers are full of people who enjoy the background noise and music as they are having their exercise activities.

Earnings and Benefits

According to Glassdoor, an aerobics instructors’ average salary ranges from $48,000 to $85,000. A lot of these instructors work as either part-time or full time, or work under a contract which makes their earnings vary from one another. It is also usual for them to work privately and name their rate.

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