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Personal Trainer Job Description

Do you like to instruct, plan, motivate, workout, choreograph, loves to work in a fitness center, and others? Then, you have the potential to be a Personal Trainer. Keep reading for the personal trainer job description.

The health of each individual depends on his/her lifestyle in the community. People who love to exercise and especially willing to contribute ideas on how to improve a healthy lifestyle, then, they were the one who are capable as personal trainers. Due to the growing awareness of health and fitness, a personal trainer has greater responsibilities to perform.

A Personal Trainer provides a one to one guidance and encourages his/her client in achieving their fitness goals. They should understand the needs of their clients to attain specific goals. They plan and organize your exercise form, nutrition plan and workout routine.

What is a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers are the one that develop programs, provide one to one guidance as mentioned earlier, and chooses exercises in order to meet their clients need. They are motivators of a healthy lifestyle. They will not provide fitness programs for each client but they also motivate each client in his/her fitness goals so that he/she will get excited on achieving it. They demonstrate the proper exercise forms, instruct, and motivate individuals on exercise activities. They do not just perform their planned programs but they encourage and support their client all the way out. He/she recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of his/her clients in order to contribute the well-being of an individual. They keep track on the client’s improvement on his/her physical fitness.

Duties of a Personal Trainer

  • A personal trainer must analyze and test the physical condition of the client.
  • He/she will design a proper fitness program that best fits the need of the client.
  • A trainer must show or demonstrate properly the designed exercise to ensure correctness of the client’s activities.
  • They will explain the importance of the designed program and motivates individual in performing the instructions.
  • The personal trainer must ensure that fitness program facilities are in good condition to achieved very good results.
  • They make fitness and nutrition tips to their client.
  • They must be punctual by setting a schedule in their sessions.
  • Be in physical condition everyday.
  • Most importantly, a trainer must keep track of his/her client’s progress by making records in every session they had.

Work Condition of a Personal Trainer

Trainer profession is generally not restricted by venues. They tend to work indoors at some fitness clubs, gyms, client’s home, etc. There are trainers works freelance and others tend to open their own training centers. Sometimes when the client is traveling they bring their trainer to ensure the proper monitoring of their activities.

Trainers can work 6 to 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sometimes, they travel everyday from gym to gym, club to clubs to maintain a full work schedule. They even work at night or even on occasional holidays. Some of them stay in the office gradually to develop and design programs for the client.

Educational Requirement of a Personal Trainer

Personal fitness trainer typically must have these following requirements:

  • Nursing
  • Master’s degree in adult fitness
  • Bachelor’s degree in physical education
  • Developed skills in sports, dancing, weight loss
  • Related courses in Biology, Psychology, Nutrition and others

This job does not necessarily require to an individual to possess a health sciences degree or formal trainings. They do not need to apply for any professional certification. However, having certificates, formal trainings and sciences degree obtained is highly recommended to ensure employment. An understanding of basic nutrition is also helpful to be a personal trainer.

Occupation and Progress of a Personal Trainer

Now that you know more about the personal trainer job description, what is the career outlook? Personal trainers are expected to have higher opportunities of work due to rapid growth of fitness industry. Trainers are very useful in the society for they possess valued information in regards to the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Some businesses recognize the benefits of health and fitness programs. They tend to create health programs for their employees as a means of reducing health premiums. As of now, the personal training industry is experiencing an enormous surge demand due to the fact of awareness of what a personal training can offer to every individual. In order to be an effective personal trainer, one must improve their every skill by taking additional trainings.

Salary Expectation

The salary for a personal trainer varies depending on the work experience, location, whether they own their own business or work for someone else. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a personal trainer in the US is $50,000 – $89,000.

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