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Managing Consultant IBM Job Description


  • Gives high quality and reasonable advices depending on the demand given by IBM.
  • Conducts interview of IBM’s employees, management and stakeholders.
  • Study the aims and targets of IBM and then present to them business project proposals that will help them carry out their aims and targets.
  • Work out and manage the implementation of business projects and lead the project members.
  • Ensure that IBM receives proper assistance in the fulfillment of project suggestions and solutions.
  • Analyze IBM’s business issues and challenges by using their expertise and deep understanding of a specific field of business and come up with appropriate solutions.
  • They need to do research and information gathering regarding the trends in the industry that the IBM is participating.

Working Conditions

  • IBM Managing consultants spend most of their time at comfortable and peaceful offices or at IBM office and project sites.
  • They usually work longer hours, in an organized and fast pace to meet project deadlines.
  • Needs to be an expert to their particular field and is able to work together, hand in hand with other employees of IBM that are related to the projects.
  • They job may demand to travel and have prolong stays away from home.
  • Type of work is very stressful.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements may vary depending of what field of specialty of a Managing Consultant the IBM requires. The educational requirements presented are the basic and preferred requirements for an applicant to be considered.

  • Bachelor’s degree or academic background on relevant discipline
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or in relevant to the bachelor’s degree
  • Professional experience, certifications and trainings
  • Must have knowledge about computers and its applications

Occupation and Progress

Managing consultants maybe self employed or working for a consulting firm. They are paid by IBM by the projects they made or by their assistance and advices that they give to the company. They are not like full-time employees who receive benefits from the company; they are being paid for what they have contributed and can be easily discharged from the IBM if their services are not needed anymore.

The demand of managing consultants may grow as IBM continuously expands its business being the world’s largest information technology company. Not to mention, the demand of computer hardware and software is of rapid growth.

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