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Drafter Job Description

The Drafter is often called computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) specialists, prepares technical drawings and plans.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Drafter makes plans that are used by production and construction workers to build products.
  • The Drafters drawings show the technical details of the products that are about to be created.
  • The Drafter also will specify dimensions, materials and procedure with his drawings.
  • The Drafter of today use CAD systems to prepare drawings.
  • The Drafter may get their training in vocational schools, community colleges or with the armed forces.

The Drafter, who has a great expertise in drawing, coupled with the ever-growing capabilities of the computer, produces elaborate designs efficiently and accurately that are used by producers and construction. The Drafter may make plans for such things as toys, coffee makers, machinery, airplanes, houses and oil pipelines. The Drafter must show the technical details of the products and structures. The Drafter must also specify dimensions, materials, and procedures with his drawings. Today most Drafters use CAD in order to make any drawing. The Drafter must be fully aware of how to use the computer system to create any sort of project. The Drafter must also be very artistic taking the two together will create a beautiful drawing that can be turned into products.

The Drafter maybe employed by construction, engineering, manufacturing firms and in the electronics industries. The CAD system can detect errors and in most cases correct them which mean the Drafter can design elaborate designs efficiently and accurately. Drafters are classified according to the fields they work in. There are many different formats of drafting and in accordance with the type of drafting that a CAD operator may do. The following are examples of some of the types of drafting professions and what they may do.

  1. Architectural Drafters
  • <p”>This type of Drafter draws plans for houses.
  • The Architectural Drafter draws plans for office complexes.
  • The Architectural Drafter draws plans that help builds shopping centers.
  • The Architectural Drafter draws plans that help to construct schools.
  • The Architectural Drafter is the one who draws plans for many different types of buildings.
  1. <>The Electrical Drafter
    • <>The Electrical Drafter draws plans of electrical systems.
    • The Electrical Drafter draws plans for systems such as those in power plants.
    • The Electrical Drafter draws plans for factories.
    • The Electrical Drafter draws plans for municipal buildings lighting plans.
  2. The Mechanical Drafter
    • Mechanical Drafters prepare drawings that are used in manufacture of machinery.
    • Mechanical Drafters prepare drawings that create tools.
    • Mechanical Drafters prepare drawings that are automobile parts.
    • Mechanical Drafters prepare drawings that are useful in items that require mechanical parts.

These are just a few of the specified types of Drafters but there are a variety of other types of specialist in the fields including aeronautical drafters, electronic drafters, marine drafters, and structural drafters. The type of drafting a person likes to do determine the field that they will work in. The Drafter is classified by the kind of work that they do and the amount of responsibility that they have. A Senior Drafters take the rough plans of the architects, engineers, or designers and translate them into overview drawings called layouts. The Drafter who is known as the detailer makes more specific drawings of the various parts shown on layout. The Detail Drafter includes dimensions, materials, and other specifications. The Drafter who is noted as the checker drafter examines each drawing for errors. Then finally there are Drafters called tracers and their function is to copy the corrected drawings to prepare them for the blue printer. The Tracer Drafter will trace the product onto thin paper or transparent plastic film. In addition, Tracers sometimes make minor corrections on the drawings.

The Technical Illustrators prepare drawings that help users to assemble, install. Operate, and maintain equipment. This type of drafter is consider more of a Technical Drafter who draws pictures and diagrams for people who buy, use, and repair equipment rather than for the workers who make it. This type of Drafter may make drawings that are used in repair manuals or sales literature for electronic components used in stereo systems. While other Technical Drafters make diagrams and drawings that come with model cars and ships other Drafters make scale models of the original product. Then there are other Technical Illustrators who prepare illustrations for the manuals that tell pilots how to operate an airplane or helicopters. The Drafting profession has many different specified fields that a Drafter may decide to be.

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