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Air Force Officer Job Description

Every little boy has dreamed of becoming a fighter jet pilot right? I’m one of those kids, I dream of becoming an Air Force Officer since I was a kid, wearing those dark blue uniforms and dark green jumpsuits is really a kid’s dream. Have you ever thought of becoming an Air Force Officer? Having a life of a top fighter jet pilot? Like the movie Top Gun, Cool right? Read more for you to better understand the in-depth look on how to be an Air Force Officer.

What is an Air Force Officer?

So what exactly is an Air Force Officer? The Air Force is the aerial service of any country’s standing army. In the United States the Air Force Officer is one of the most respected uniforms in ranks today. So what does exactly is an Air Force Officer? An Air Force Officer has many branches you can either be a pilot, you can be a manager, and you can have your specialty in different fields such as religion or sports, or even music. You can also have technical carriers in which focus more of the scientific and engineering side of the Air Force.

Duties of an Air Force Officer

The job of an Air Force Officer is just more than looking cool and having cool uniforms, it’s more than that! Being an Air Force officer you need to participate in Operational functions too. Counter-Air, Strategic Attack, counter land, Combat support are just a handful of duties made by our valiant Air Force Officers. Your duty is to defend your country from foreign and domestic attacks, counter attack enemies of the state, and protect civilians, just like normal Army would do it; the cool part is you have Jets and choppers to help you do your job faster. The Air Force is one of the main branches of army to venture into enemy territory in times of war, drones and spy planes from The Air Force search and scan each area first for the supporting branches of military to attack later on.

Work Condition of an Air Force Officer

Being a military officer means that you spend most of your time in military camps and offices depending on what carrier you have in The Air Force, if you are a fighter pilot in the other hand, you spend most of your time having daily drills in order to master your trade. In times of war these fighter pilots of The Air Force are the front line fighters for our country. This is not an office job, unless you’re aiming to become an Air Force Manager.

Educational Requirements of an Air Force Officer

The Air Force is a very difficult carrier to pursue, one thing common about Air Force Officers are their degrees, and every Air Force officer has a degree. Becoming an Air Force Officer for The United States you can either go to The Air Force Academy, Officer Training Schools or Reserve Officer Training School. Either of these can make you a second lieutenant.

Occupation and Progress of an Air Force Officer

Originally the Air Force of The United States was part of the United States Army, in WWII the Air Force proved its worth against the thought to be more powerful Naval Warfare. The Japanese was very effective with their Air Force, hitting every Aircraft Carrier the United States and the Allies had. The allies thought of the same idea and created better Aircraft Carriers and Planes. That Idea of a more powerful aerial domination paved the way for the modern Air Force. Becoming part of this glorious and respectable carrier would be an honor its more than just cool looks.

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