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Kaplan University Admissions Advisor Job Description

Becoming a student of a university takes a process in order to be prepared for the new life ahead as a university student or to transfer schools from another university or college. It is not just about passing the course subjects of the degree chosen but also of adjusting into the new college life to be able to become comfortable and feel at ease so the university life will be a great experience to the student as well. This is the Kaplan University Admissions Advisor’s obligation.

What is a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor?

The Kaplan University Admissions Advisor is the frontline of a university. He is an expert in the field of counseling a student as to what course he/she must choose from the basis of facts gathered and giving the proper information to the student to arrive at such decision and to ensure that the student will be able to adjust to the university life.

Duties of a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor

There are several key duties and responsibilities of the KU Admissions Advisor of Kaplan University. These are the following:

  • The KU Admissions Advisor is responsible in giving counsel and advises to students undergoing the Admissions process and assist in the collection of the Admissions documents that are required for the start of the first term.
  • The KU Admissions Advisor is tasked to present to the students correct and timely information about the academic programs, application requirements, enrollment procedure and any other Admissions information to help them decide on the course or program they want to pursue in the university. With this, the KU Admissions Advisor must be able to ensure that prospective students have reasonable expectations on their chosen course of study by properly obeying the standards established for Admissions.
  • It is also the duty of the KU Admissions Advisor to continue communications with prospective and current students and provide the best customer service. It is his duty to make use of the proprietary communication methodology when he is working with current and prospective students where live or telephone interviews are conducted to evaluate each student according to his/her qualification, commitments, motivations, needs, interests and desires.
  • The KU Admissions Advisor must have adequate knowledge of all the programs and courses being offered by Kaplan University and is also mandated to keep up with the current program changes.
  • The KU Admissions Advisor must maintain communication with the other departments like Admissions, Administration, Academics and Financial Aid to enhance the process of Admissions and establish positive team relationship between departments.
  • The KU Admissions Advisor must be able to participate in in-campus events, handle activities of student life, establish professional relationships with student and other employees, produce personal developed referrals. The KU Admissions Advisor must be able to attend trainings and seminars for professional development and self-improvement.
  • It is the role of the KU Admissions Advisor to record all activities regularly and accurately into the database management system. He is also tasked to ensure that students records are correctly created during the Admission Process and are passed on to the appropriate departments. The KU Admissions Advisor may also assist other employees of the Admissions department in activities that are planned out by the Director of Admissions.
  • It is the responsibility of a KU Admissions Advisor to be knowledgeable and adhere to all appropriate corporate, deferral and state Admissions policies. It is also imperative that he works ethically and maintain integrity at all times to be able to execute the requirements of Kaplan’s Admissions Code of Conduct. Must be able to carry out the core values of Kaplan and contribute respect and positive team spirit.

Work Condition of a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor

The KU Admissions Advisor usually works in an office setting for 40 hours a week. He may travel occasionally if the job calls for it.

The KU Admissions Advisor must have above average communications skills both written and orally. He must be a team player, have interpersonal skills and have leadership skills to work well with the other employees of the university, with the current and prospective students for admission and other individuals that he may make contact with in the course of his work. He must be able to work well under pressure, can multi-task, a fast learner and can meet deadlines.

Educational Requirements of a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor

To become a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor, an applicant must have 2 to 4 years of relevant experience in counseling or advising, education, marketing and any other positions that have direct customer contact. Comprehensive knowledge of MS Office and experience in using CampusVue or other related or higher database management system is preferred.

Occupation and Progress of a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor

This occupation is at the average growth as there will be opening of this position in the coming years as a lot of the admissions advisors are going to retire. The KU Admissions Advisor to be able move up in being a director or other higher level jobs in the student affairs department, additional education like a master’s or doctorate degree is required. More experience in this position as Admissions Advisor will also be an advantage to land a higher position if desired.

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