Furniture Mover Job Description

A furniture mover is basically a person who is in charge of the loading, transportation and unloading of household furniture, office equipments and other goods. The number of equipments and furniture pieces transported may range from one to a whole house’s furniture.

Specific duties of a Furniture Mover

The first and most important thing that a mover should do is to make sure that all the furniture or equipment he is transporting is in good condition. He should also keep a record or an inventory of the transported equipment to make sure that nothing is lost. He must make sure that all the things he transports are appropriately stacked and packed. He disassembles furniture such as bed frames, racks and other stackable items for easy loading, unloading and transportation.

Qualifications and Skills

A furniture mover should be physically fit and strong since he is transporting equipments from one place to another. Sometimes, large companies request for the transportation of their equipments thru cargo, therefore, someone who is strong and with admirable stamina is needed. He should also know how to categorize and pack materials properly in order to avoid cracks and other damage. Educational attainment is not really necessary in this kind of job however; the mover may take courses in proper packing and mechanics. He should meet the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and must have a driver’s license.

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