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Customer Service Representative Manager Job Description

As life turns to its most comfortable standpoint, most people would tend to go over the phone or search the Internet, if they have queries about the new equipments they purchased. Reading its guidelines on the manual is, well, now the last option. It is either people will look for a friend who is familiar with it or look for its customer service line.

This is where the industry of Customer Service became a success. It looks easy because you just answer some questions that are familiar to you, but it is a role that somehow reflects the whole company you are serving. In this career, you become a major representative of a certain company who made the product your customer is inquiring.

What is a Customer Service Representative Manager?

Customer Service Representative Manager is the one who supervises the customer service department. He handles difficult customers and oversees the overall performance of all the customer service representatives of the team. He provides proper training on the people under him.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative Manager

  • He provides help to customers who has some concerns about their company’s product. It is either through telephone, e-mail, or even a face to face conversation.
  • He also provides help to customers who is not familiar with the simple guidelines on the promos, or procedures of the company.
  • He oversees the customer service desk and manages his team.
  • He checks out the complaints and problems of any customer.
  • He dispense possible refunds from the requesting party.
  • He keeps the records of correspondence.
  • He manages discussions with the customer.
  • He directs the trainees to everything they need to learn.

Skills and Qualifications of a Customer Service Representative Manager

  • He must have exceptional communication skills. And any knowledge about other language gives a greater chance of succeeding in this career.
  • He must have a passion to learn new things and to help other people regardless how simple their question is.
  • He must love to converse with other person.
  • He must have problem-solving abilities.
  • He must be patient and not easily get angry.
  • He must know how to do things simultaneously. Multi-tasking is a must in the job since the job manages a lot of customers with different queries.
  • He must also be sensitive and knowledgeable about the different races and beliefs of his customers, in order to deal with them consistently.
  • He must have self-confidence and able to bring the company he is representing.

Educational Background of a Customer Service Representative Manager

Being a Customer Service Representative Manager does not really require a bachelor’s degree. Those who finished High School but have exceptional skills and know how to deal with people can have this job. However, those who acquired themselves a degree on business administration, international studies, mass communication and etc., can easily advance on making this a career.

Working Conditions of a Customer Service Representative Manager

The working condition of this career varies a lot. Some are working in a little spot of a supermarket or a department store that is reachable to the customers. Others are working in a call center just waiting for a call. Self-employment on this job is quite rare since you have to be associated with other companies and products to represent with. Travel is also rare, but it is necessary at times that you need to conduct workshops while training the other representatives.

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