FBI Investigator Job Description

Let’s unravel the nature of work of FBI Investigators.

What is an FBI Investigator?

An FBI investigator is a person in authority to investigate and study crimes in order to solve them.

Duties of an FBI Investigator

  • An FBI Investigator is responsible for answering and reacting to distress calls. They should be alert in order to respond in time.
  • An FBI Investigator also has the duty of observing and evaluating crime scenes and securing the place with equipment like barricades, ropes or police tapes.
  • In order to solve a crime, further and thorough investigation is needed. So it is the duty of an FBI investigator to analyze the data gathered on the crime scene and from the witnesses. It is their duty to unlock mysteries and find the missing links that will help solve the case.

Work Condition of an FBI Investigator

  • FBI investigators work on offices of their assignment. They do most of their time on analysis, discussion and interview; although sometimes the interview is done on the scene of the crime.
  • FBI investigators, even though not on their offices, must maintain communication and must be open for contact at all times.
  • FBI investigators can also use weapons with different sizes; therefore, they should be physically fit.

Educational Requirements of an FBI Investigator

  • The job of being an FBI investigator is a tough and serious one that’s why they require students to have a bachelor’s degree from an authorized or accredited university.
  • The FBI also requires candidates to pass any of these entry programs: law, computer science, accounting, language and diversified.
  • In terms of experience, a minimum of three years is a must.

Occupation and Progress of an FBI Investigator

  • FBI investigators work for the FBI at different locations. Sometimes, they collaborate with other security or police department to ease the solving of the crime. If one wants to progress in this job, he or she should train further to master the skills needed for his expertise. One should also enhance his or her knowledge and his mindset in order to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations during the crime solving. One should also train to be open to all possibilities.

If you are willing to pursue a career in FBI Investigation, you should be hardworking and willing to be trained. If you display excellent effort as an FBI investigator, then you could be promoted supervisory or administrative positions. There is also a great expectation that the salary income of an FBI investigator will increase through the years. So if you want to make people freeze with your presence and at the same time, grab that brass ring of success, start now and choose this career.

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