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Gas Station Cashier Job Description

Many experience difficulty in earning money at present. With financial crisis happening everywhere, others even drop out of school to be able to support a family or even themselves. Others may also need to consider a part time to be able to support themselves through school. This is a job considered to be decent and at the same time will get you to earn money in an honest way.

What is a Gas Station Cashier?

A Gas Station Cashier works in a gasoline station in-charge of taking a customers payment on purchased petroleum products.

Duties of a Gas Station Cashier

  • A Gas Station Cashier is in-charge of accounting a gasoline stations proceeds from payments either using cash or credit cards.
  • Some gas stations come with a convenience store which sells food, snacks, beverages, traveling needs such as maps and some car accessories. A Gas station cashier is also in-charge of looking after the proceeds of payments including providing customer service.
  • She may also be in-charge of stock inventories and shelf displays.

Work condition of a Gas Station Cashier

  • A Gas Station Cashier may work part-time or full time, with shifting schedules for stations which operate 24 hours a day.
  • Usually a Gas Station Cashier is required to work at night, even during weekends and holidays as well.
  • A Gas Station Cashier works inside a cubicle or inside the convenience store where the cash register is located. Currently protective windows have been installed to protect gas station staff from incidents of robbery.
  • A Gas Station Cashier may experience idle hours of work especially at night.

Educational Requirements of a Gas Station Cashier

  • No college degree is required of a gas station cashier.
  • Usually they hire high school graduates.
  • Having knowledge in basic accounting, computer skills and math is an added benefit for employers to consider.

Occupation and Progress of a Gas Station Cashier

With good employment record for a given time frame, a gas station cashier may eventually be promoted to full-time cashier position. A promotion to being the head of cashier is also a possibility. This job will greatly help those who may want to support themselves while working their way through college. This may job may even be helpful for those who need to work for their small families. Some companies even provide health insurance and other employment benefits such as sick leave and vacation leave credits. It was also noted that in 2004 the required minimum rate for a gas station cashier has been established at $7.54 per hour. Therefore this job though considered meager will definitely be able to put food on the table or pay in part for tuition fees. Many even consider this job for a short period of time only, and the companies experience a high rate in turnovers. So they continually hire everyday. There are listings online and newspapers for hiring of this job position. With hard work and honesty, this job will be able to aid you in your daily needs.

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