NDT Engineer Job Description

Efficiency and safety of any products, component, material or system is vital in science, in industries or plants. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a group of analysis techniques used in scientific fields and industries to in evaluating the properties of a material, products, system or components without causing any damage. Today NDT technology is used by a wide variety of industries as safety and environmental awareness of consumers heightens. Because of this, the NDT Engineer career is a growing field. It can be an exciting and challenging career field.

Do you like computers and electronics? Perhaps, you might want to consider an NDT Engineer as a career?

What is an NDT Engineer?

The NDT engineer is a highly trained individual who has the knowledge, skills and experience about NDT technology and techniques to optimize safety, integrity, and life costs of client’s assets. A great deal of responsibility is placed in the hands of NDT engineers in keeping the society a safe place to live in. In general, the NDT engineer carryout and develop measurement on objects and inspections.

Duties of the NDT Engineer

NDT engineers have a range of responsibilities depending on the industry setting. They can work in different fields of industry. They can work in aircraft and aerospace, power generation and utilities, chemical and petrochemical, bridge and building fabrication, independent testing laboratories, electronics and microelectronics, defense and military, general manufacturing companies, historical renovation, infrastructure construction and maintenance, automotive, rail, marine, large ship construction, and computers.

The task of the NDT engineer is more on problem solving. They use basic science information and rules of mathematics to develop NDT technologies and solve problems. They develop new procedures and inspection equipment. They help companies in all phases of project development from designing, fabricating, and specifying methods and techniques to guarantee product authenticity and durability.

In the industry, the NDT engineer manages all the NDT processes and procedures within the department. They make certain that NDT operators are qualified. Aside from that, they ensure that all working codes are identified for any activities they are involved.

The NDT engineer can also serve as a team leader in a project. He gives guidance and motivates his team members to accomplish company procedures and standards.

Work Condition of the NDT Engineer

The working condition encountered by NDT engineer depends on the industry in which he is employed. In an inspection company, the NDT engineer maybe required to travel extensively and work long hours in the construction. On the contrary, engineers who work in quality assurance of a manufacturing industry will work normal shifts inside a laboratory. There can be a wide range of employment situation of the NDT engineer.

Educational Requirements of the NDT Engineer

The educational requirement of the NDT engineer is an engineering degree in a discipline aside from NDT technology. He must have taken classes in NDT engineering to develop an understanding of NDT technology. In some industries, NDT certification is required. A certification is a written proof that an individual is qualified to do a certain work.

Occupation and Progress of an NDT Engineer

The NDT engineer is a very rewarding job. It has a potential for an unending challenge and interest. Aside from that, it offers a lot of career advancement and growth since NDT technologies continue to increase. To progress in this job, one must continue to acquire more than method of certification and trainings. The NDT engineer job is good start to step into management jobs in a company.

Christopher Morley said that there are three ingredients of a good life: earning, learning, and yearning. To be successful in any career, you must earn it, continue to learn for it, and yearn for it. The importance of NDT technology is growing. This provides opportunities of NDT engineers.

Do you want to be an NDT Engineer? This might be a good career for you.

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