MQ Administrator Job Description

Computers have become a necessity in our lives today especially those who have business. It helps us do our work easier in a lot of ways. As we have a variety and increasing needs, the programs we use in our computers must cope up with it. An MQ Admin can help in keeping the software we use updated.

If you have the thing in dealing with computers and software then this is the right job for you.

What is an MQ Administrator?

An MQ Admin is the one who assist a software owner for MQ and all other software related to it, as stated in the ROLE document of MQ Software Owners. They also help in the installing and upgrading the banks of MQ queue managers and other related software. They make sure that MQ queue are highly available by constantly monitoring them.

Duties of an MQ Administrator

  • MQ Admin make use of the MQ features where business can gain benefits and work in union with teams to use MQ features in the future. They are the one who give support service to incidents that are related to MQ Series if ever there are failures or other related problems come up. They carry out root cause analysis and resolution progress to problems.
  • An MQ Admin assists in carrying out MQ application infrastructures in the production environment with the least risk and loss as possible. They are the one who maintains and develops operational documentation. They give advice and guidance on features in application design and provide the Technical Design function.
  • Providing input to the process to make sure that the applications match with the MQ standards is another duty of an MQ Admin. They make tests and develop infrastructure capability for new developed projects and present a support service for these areas.
  • An MQ Admin joins in evaluating MQ Software that is to be used in the development and production areas. They give education and help enhance the skills of their staff regarding MQ matters. They also keep in contact with outside groups to acquire new strategies where they can achieve business benefits like having suppliers and users.

Work Condition of an MQ Administrator

  • An MQ Admin usually works in an office where they work on software and computers. They may be asked to travel and meet clients or other software manufacturers outside the office. They would have to be a member of a group where they work together to develop software.
  • They usually work forty hours per week or the regular working hours but there will be times when they have to stay for longer hours especially when there are deadlines to meet. MQ Admin should also be available to answer questions and provide service if ever problems come up.

Educational Requirements of an MQ Administrator

To be hired as an MQ Admin, applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and other related fields. Employers would usually prefer aspirants who have two or more years of experience in this business. They should also have knowledge regarding Windows and Linux Operating System.

Occupation and Progress of an MQ Administrator

Aspirant MQ Admin will have to face a lot of competition for this job since there are a limited number of positions. For one to have greater advantage than other applicants, they must be able to handle wider range of responsibilities. The opportunities may vary every year since the demand for this position may depend on the status of the economy.

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