Lead Developer Job Description

We are now involved in a high technology world. Almost everything is computerized. Everything works faster. Just a simple click, problems are solved. All of these are part of our new society. Schools, offices and business and so many more uses computers to make their works with no hassle. Computers are installed with what we call software.

Who are responsible for making software?

What is a Lead Developer?

They are many names of this profession. But often we call them Lead Developer or Lead Programmer. They are software engineers that are responsible and trained in making software. They make software to service people in what they feed to their computer. They are the boundary between programmers and the management. They usually checks and hires software engineers. They supervise the performance of usually ten (10) software engineers to make designs, installation and services. In the company a Lead Developer is part of the Technical Staff.

Duties of a Lead Developer

  • Usually a Lead Developer is responsible for monitoring the works of the software engineers.
  • They orient them in how and what are the things involving programming.
  • They give advices to the workers who encountered a problem.
  • When they are lacking in materials, the Lead Developer is the one who will provide.
  • Making sure that everyone has materials needed.
  • For the behavior of the company and the software engineers, he/she is the one who reports to the manager.
  • A Lead Developer leads and develops employees skills.
  • They support improvements of the company.
  • Responsible for implementing projects and ensures that works are done on time.

Work Condition of a Lead Developer

  • A Lead Developer is usually assigned where the software engineers are working. He/she must have the capability to fulfill and supply what they need. Teaching from simple to complicated things involving in their work.
  • A Lead Developer is more than Technical than Managerial.

Educational Requirements of a Lead Developer

  • To be qualified as a Lead Developer it requires being a bachelor degree holder. You must be a graduate of College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • You must be literate with engaging computer. Solving problems using it.
  • Experience is also needed. Maybe you’re working as a Software Engineer/ Service Developer/Service Programmer or Software Design Engineer.
  • You must have knowledge in using programs in creating software.
  • In designing and installing programs is also needed.
  • You must have the ability to define and solve problems.
  • A Lead Developer must have the passion in using HTML, JavaScript, MS windows, AJAX and other programs.

Occupation and Progress of a Lead Developer

This Profession needs a person who is diligent, loyal and a positive thinker. This job is not easy. A Lead Developer must be skilled in dealing with the computer. In decision making and reports affects the company’s name.

Being a successful Lead Developer depends on how he/she handle things. Every experience and trials makes a person learned, strong and more developing.

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